Kassel: threats are threatened – police are clearing school

After anonymous threats, several schools in Northern Hesse were closed on Wednesday morning. After a threat and an e-mail the police overtook schools in Kassel and Korbach, about 60 kilometers away. But there was no indication of a real danger, police spokespersons said at noon. However, followers must be taken into account. As perpetrators are identified, imprisonment and imprisonment of up to three years and additional requirements for damage resulting from incurred operational costs.

In Korbach, a bomb alert was received by email in the middle of the morning at a secondary school. For safety reasons, the school and the surrounding vocational and primary schools were evacuated. 2000 students were brought to safety. After a police investigation had not produced any evidence of danger, the lessons resume after two hours. The high school, however, remained closed, the police decided there.

Anonymous threat via telephone

The same morning an anonymous threat was received by telephone at a vocational training and a technical school in Kassel. Police officers searched the building for almost two hours, but also found no source of danger. The school was then reopened, students with metal detectors checked at arrival.

According to the police, instructions for the perpetrators were not yet available. Whether there is a connection between the two cases is unclear. One does not remember a case in which two threats were received at different schools on such short distances, said the North Hesse headquarters police. In May there was already a bomb threat against the school in Kassel. But even then there was no evidence of a concrete danger.

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