Katja Kipping: Left boss wants red-red-green in the competition

The left-wing chairman Katja Kipping wants to reach a red-red-green government in the federal government. The current & # 39; conservatism crisis & # 39; should be used "for a change of power and a government of left, for a government against the legal block", writes Kipping in a guest contribution for the "Frankfurter Rundschau & # 39 ;. The red-red-green state government in Berlin and Thuringia would show "that it works".

Kipping sees his own part of the conservative camp "on a slide to the right outside". She wants a clear opposition to authoritarian formation & # 39; to contrast, she writes in the guest article. It is about developing other majorities left behind by AfD and CDU / CSU.

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Kipping also meets the left leader Sahra Wagenknecht. This had recently introduced the left-wing collection movement "standing up" and spoke several times to Red-Red-Green. This possible tripartite federal alliance – code name R2G – had been discussed repeatedly in the past.

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