Kinderziekenhuis Brandenburg: parents request hospital rooms without foreigners

Brandenburg –

Parents of a toddler in the children's clinic in Brandenburg / Havel have demanded that their child be transferred to a room without a foreign hospital.

The hospital has confirmed the corresponding information from the "Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung" (MAZ). Chief physician Hans Kössel told the MAZ: "There is no place for racism here, we save lives".

No strange child in the hospital room: head doctor of the children's hospital stunned

Some time ago this incredible case happened. A baby must be transferred from the intensive care unit to the normal ward. When the transfer was made, the parents of the sick child insisted that there was no strange child in the room. Otherwise you do not accept this and you leave the clinic.

"I was speechless, but then gave a few clear words during my visit," Kössel recalls. He and the rest of the hospital staff did not care where a toddler came from. "I have made it clear that we occupy the rooms based on medical conditions and not on the basis of nationality or religion."

Explanation of parents: foreigners bring diseases to the Children's Hospital Brandenburg

So "racist exclusion" that we had 80 years ago with & # 39; Jews from & # 39; or in America or South Africa 50 years ago, when blacks had to use other buses, & # 39; went to the head doctor further.

The father of the toddler would have complained about the reprimand of the head doctor in the episode. "That does not matter to me," he says. He had asked the mother what had caused her and her husband to make this racist statement. "The foreigners bring in the diseases here," Kössel remembers the answer.

Kinderziekenhuis Brandenburg: the child is only cared for

The toddler was eventually only housed in a hospital room. This was due to the fact that there was currently no other child with the right disease in the hospital. This had nothing to do with the issue of nationality, nor with a nod to the parents, according to the head physician. (Mz)

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