Knife attack in Düsseldorf: man stabs woman on the street – the guilty on the run

Shocking bloody act: an unknown man has attacked a woman in the middle of the street with a knife. The victim died only a short time later. The culprit is on the run.

Dusseldorf – A woman was attacked by a man on a street in Düsseldorf on Monday morning and stabbed to death. When a spokesperson for the police in the city of North Rhine-Westphalia announced, the perpetrator was initially volatile. There was a search. Details were still unclear. The police have set up a committee for manslaughter.

The witness called the police

A witness has informed the officials of this through an emergency call, because a man attacked a woman. She died a little later. Whether the victims and perpetrators knew each other and their relationship with each other was still unknown, according to the researchers. Initially the police gave no details about the victim and the alleged perpetrator.

The police have main suspects

The murdered woman comes from Bilk. The police have identified a man who also lives in Bilk as the main suspect, as the Express reports. Special troops searched an apartment during the search but could not find it.

On Thursday, an offensive took place in Offenburg, where a man was killed. His daughter (10) apparently had to keep an eye on everything. The news later had to justify, because she had not reported on the murderous crime.

Frederic Prinz von Anhalt was also the victim of a knife attack during a beach walk in Santa Monica, California.

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