Large families in Berlin-Neukölln: in the end Nidal R. himself was a victim – Berlin

In the grass and under bushes, in baskets and under benches. They should search everywhere. At the south-eastern edge of Tempelhofer Feld, almost 20 uniformed police officers lined up on Monday. "Up to the top", a criminal officer in a civilian windbreak says quietly to his colleagues. "Everything." Slowly the troop with sticks in their hands, they are looking for weapons, cartridges, maybe gloves. Every item that the perpetrators were able to leave the night before. After they shot Nidal R.

On Sunday, as always, many excursionists came to the former Berlin-Tempelhof airport in the bright sunshine. Children were delighted, teenagers smooched, families let their fliers fly, grilled, listened to music. Until about 17:40 hours the shots fell, unrest arose, police officers closed the area in the adjacent Oderstraße with flutterband and guards.
For hundreds of potential witnesses, Nidal R. was shot eight times, a somewhat historical figure in Berlin's recent past: the 36-year-old R. was probably the most famous criminal in the city. An intensive perpetrator whose career was a wake-up call for police and justice, a man who was publicly reported as a child.

Four men, eight shots

Eight shots – and researchers who know they do not have much time. Policemen, social workers, people in the dark expect revenge, fear further escalation in the battle between clans and gangs in Berlin. In the environment in which the victim spends his life, blood is rewarded with blood. It applies to cleats. Nidal R. would have said that himself – proud of an earlier neighbor in Neukölln. This is where R. grew up, the stateless son of a Palestinian family who once came to Berlin from Beirut.

On Sunday, R. walked past Tempelhofer Feld, with his wife and children. Four men had approached R. It fell eight shots, four hit him in the upper body, Nidal R. died in the Benjamin Franklin hospital in Steglitz. Because at night almost 100 men and more than 30 women gathered in front of the clinic, invaded the house and threatened caregivers, the police & # 39; the hospital closed at night. At this time, the civil police in Berlin, swept suspects, drove from meeting places relevant familiar environmental road, spoke with relatives of the dead. Under police protection, the body was taken into a car of forensic medicine in the evening by a side door.

What will only be known on Monday evening: researchers had warned R. a few days ago that other mischief had planned an attack on him. That Nidal R. in the city itself had a size, albeit doubtful, is also clear on the internet. Three or four hours after recording, video clips appeared on the net. A man is on the ground, surrounded by a crowd of people. First aid measures, yelling, unrest. The Prosecution said that there are also photos showing the place before the crime.

Neuköllns mayor: "Unscrupulousness reaches new quality"

Martin Hikel, the social democrat mayor of Neukölln for six months, learns what happened during the night. "I am shocked that a person has been killed," he says. The fact that the perpetrators have been thrown out of the victim's children is even considered unusual in the environment. "Unscrupulousness," says Hikel, "has reached a new level of quality."

The detectives of the national detective agency are already working with German-Arab extended families. Eight weeks ago they shot a resident in Treptow, one of the most famous head of one of these families, four weeks ago to a restaurant in Kreuzberg, a week ago to two men in Britz. The two heavily wounded belonged to a Lebanon family, they were protected in a hospital by the police – it was possible that even this attack was already Nidal R., who was also on the ground.

In a car door of the ice cream truck at Tempelhofer, Feld is apparently a bullet hole to see.Tines / dpa

The special Task Force that must be requested for armed violators, the SEK, is also often used this summer. There had been attacks on counterfeit money, violations of the arms law, mass brawls and drug trafficking among well-known families. In the environment the pressure is increasing, the researchers fear distress, there is a "tendency to armament" observed, says the State Office for Criminal Investigation. Many researchers are constantly in use. And now comes the search for the shooters of the Tempelhof field – and possibly the revenge of Nidal R & 's friends and relatives.

Nidal R. has often been the first in his life, it has to be said. With him began the debate about the so-called intensive offenders – the term judicial officers have also formed his own. For the first time in history, Nidal R. was on October 23, 1992 at the age of ten. At that moment he stores a child with other boys. Shortly thereafter, he is caught in a department store when he steals a video game. At eleven years, robberies and maltreatments are added, at twelve o'clock the boy has a knife in his hand. As a 14-year-old, he stabbed a teenager and wounded him life-threatening.

Also because of Nidal R. there is the "Neuköllner-model"

For the first time Nidal R. has been in pre-trial detention for six months, the Berlin District Court sentenced him to a conditional sentence of 23 months. Only when he again stabbed two people, the probationary period is revoked and he is again convicted, Nidal R. arrives in prison – and is quickly released on trial.

In the media he is known as "Mahmoud", his actions prompted the 2003 Berlin prosecutor to set up his own intensive offender department. The goal is to ensure that the police and the public prosecutor respond to permanent criminals. And that a researcher can deal with the actions of such a perpetrator as permanently as possible, so not every case is processed by every other official.

Despite all his efforts, Nidal R. becomes an example when it comes to Arab crime clans. "Prototype of the ethnic-criminal", the "mirror" called him. The best-known juvenile judge in Germany, Kirsten Heisig, who died in 2010, has to do with Nidal R. – with regard to men like him, she introduced the "Neuköllner model" in the prosecution of juvenile offenders: from school to the youth care agency police, courts and prisons all should work together more closely. Only when the state as a whole cooperates does one have a chance with this clientele. Her bestseller "The End of Patience" is also about Nidal R. "Strong Aggressive", a prosecutor called him in 2005, when he was in court to "integrate him into society", was almost impossible. He should have hit his girlfriend too. During a lawsuit in 2014, he shouted at the judge, rioting.

A few days ago, SEK committed to breaking the arms law in Neukölln.Tines / dpa

Nidal R. was not a Mafia godfather, not a criminal super-train, not the boss of a clan. He has been caught as often as no other in the environment. His police file contains more than 100 entries. Theft, attempted manslaughter, theft, coercion, violence, violation of traffic law. Almost no intensive perpetrator was written more in newspapers, police journals and legal journals. He generally spent more than ten years in prison.

Nidal R., strong, chubby, hard, have looked bad, bloated, exhausted in recent weeks. An official and a district size say that independently. Maybe they were drugs, but it was stress. Time and time again it had to argue about benefice in the environment, reportedly R. had tried by the wrong people to get money. A few years ago he was seen in Wedding with Kadir P., the boss of young Hells Angels. P., also in the mid-thirties, is in custody on suspicion of murder. Most recently Nidal R. wanted to work with another clan – his own company, whatever that was, ran only moderately, he was released from prison in the spring.

Although Nidal R. belongs to a family that is often referred to as an Arab clan, but is relatively small. There are five brothers in the judiciary – in the well-known family Neukölln of Issa R., whose surname is different from that of Nidal R., there are, depending on the family wing, eight, nine, ten brothers and sisters. And while the authorities of the family of Issa R. 77 temporarily removed property, it is not known that the relatives of Nidal R. are almost as rich. R. himself has made many enemies in Berlin, more than is customary in his circles. Sons of competing clans, hostile rockers, offended restaurateurs or even near car rental companies.

Who wanted to kill Nidal R.? So far only speculation

In 2010 Nidal R. shot down for a restaurant in Neukölln. After a few years in prison, he is only a few weeks in freedom, a bullet hits him in the calf, a second in the foot. According to reports, unknown people wanted to shoot him in 2013. On Monday, an official says that Nidal R. has been in the city for the past few weeks. Perhaps he had to deal with those shots that were fired four weeks ago in the restaurant on the Kreuzberg & # 39; s Urbanstrasse. Are his victims now avenged? A connoisseur says he might have been present when there was a recent dispute between Arabs and Chechens – both parties wanted death. A lawyer who supposedly knows the environment could have caused a dispute between R. and the operators of a water pipe bar: R. would have threatened the home team. That is all speculation.

Raid on fake money in Kreuzberg a few days ago. Suspected is the son of a large Arab family.Tines / dpa

It is clear that his name appears on an internal list of the Ministries of Home Affairs, on the "factual evidence" are mentioned, with a Lebanese origin to be discovered. In addition to passports, these can be ID cards from the United Nations Aid and Work Agency for Palestinian Refugees, the UN body for Palestinian refugees – hundreds of thousands living in Lebanon. With respect to R. it is noted that there is an identity card of his mother: to distinguish them from their own citizens, Lebanon does not issue the refugees with passports, but a "Document des voyages" as a replacement. Nidal R. himself has a file number in the Lebanese embassy. An expulsion failed in 2004, because Lebanon did not issue an identity card for R.

Mafia expert: some Arab clans are like the Italian mafia

Where Nidal R. was shot on Sunday, there will be a fashion photo shoot on Monday. Two girls from the US, aged 19, can be photographed with extra large sunglasses. Shots, a dead man? I did not know. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, a painter is building a tripod. He asks if anyone knows why the man was killed?

Time and again there was enough evil in Neukölln for similar acts, wounded vanities or opposing views on the Syrian war.

Federico Varese also learns about the crime in the night of Monday. Varese is from Italy, is a Mafia expert and professor of criminology at Oxford. In Berlin he spoke at a conference about forms of organized crime. "You can count certain Arab clans," Varese says Monday. "Because unlike most other criminals, they sometimes watch their neighborhoods, only their streets, as their own territory, just like the mafia does in Italy." What help? Well-networked authorities that are best at confiscating clan assets and stepping up their support for loyal members.

Even on the evening of another clip has surfaced in the net. A cinematic obituary, apparently from friends of the dead. They show Nidal R. at a funeral, in a bar, with nice cars in Berlin. "Nidal was in the eyes of his children on 09/09/2018 treacherous and especially cowardly and sneaky tortured", says in the video. And then there is to read: "May Allah forgive all your sins."

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