Local elections: the administrative court of Cottbus declares the result invalid

Cottbus –

It may be necessary to repeat the election of municipal councilors from 2014 in Cottbus. The Cottbus administrative court declared on Friday by the verdict, the local elections invalid, as a spokesman for the court said. The verdict is not yet final, the city can appeal against it. But if it goes into effect, it should be recognized within five months, as it was called.

The administrative court dealt with the local election case because a citizen of the city had filed a lawsuit. The judges came to the conclusion that election equality had been violated, as the court called them. The constituencies were therefore wrongly tuned and therefore different in size.

City council continues to work

The city council has already left the lion's share of their term of office. Local elections take place every five years in Brandenburg. The next time, on May 26, 2019, national will be elected again, as confirmed by the provincial election administration. Mayors of cities at provincial level, full-time mayors and district councilors are appointed by separate elections. With them, a term of office lasts eight years.

The city council of Cottbus has announced that the judgment will now be examined. Then it was decided whether an appeal was submitted to the Upper Administrative Court Berlin-Brandenburg. The ability to work of the city council was further guaranteed, it was said. (AP)

At the local elections in Cottbus in 2014, the CDU had the most votes with 27.7 percent, followed by the left with 21 percent and SPD (20.9 percent).

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