Logo dispute: "The word & # 39; get up & # 39; has not been invented in Austria"

SThe movement of Ahra Wagenknecht "stand up" is in contradiction with accusations of plagiarism raised by the Austrian group "Get Up" against them. The civil society initiative accuses the group of the left-leaning group of having copied their logo – despite the missing second E in the name.

The response from the Wagenknecht Group is sharp. "The word & # 39; get up & # 39; was not invented in Austria a few years ago and although the logo of & # 39; aufstehn.at & # 39; bears the color orange, the logo of the collection movement is, aufstehen. the & # 39; just red & # 39 ;, says a spokeswoman. "A chance of confusion is excluded, especially because of the different spelling."

And then there is a sharp warning: people do not think that the supporters of the Austrian initiative would understand "if their donations are wasted on a dark fight …". We are very sorry that the Austrians are now trying to "organize a public dispute".

For the boss of the "stand-up" group, Maria Mayrhofer, it is clear: apart from the obvious name equality, other elements are so similar that you can not speak of a coincidence. This concerns the same font family, the previous hashtag and the color. Mayrhofer had already communicated this two weeks ago. On the website of the initiative is the note to see: "We are #aufstehn from Austria! We have nothing to do with getting Sahra Wagenknecht up in Germany."

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In an interview with WELT, Mayrhofer makes it clear that, unlike the Wagenknecht Group, there is no interest in a legal dispute. "We are funded with donations and can not afford any legal proceedings at all, and we do not want that either." She also does not want public disputes in the media. "Our concern is that we want to be seen as a civic, independent initiative, not as a parrot."

The dispute comes shortly before the official start of the German collection movement on Tuesday. The project, initiated by Wagenknecht and the leader of the Saarland Party, Oskar Lafontaine, will then be presented in Berlin. For months the public has been provided with a drop of information. Meanwhile, there is the website with some videos and a question-and-answer section, while Facebook critics of Lafontaine are in the gunfight. So far, more than 85,000 people have registered online as supporters.

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The Austrian group has been around since 2015 and claims to have 100,000 followers. It organizes campaigns and demonstrations on subjects such as human rights in China, smoking bans in local and refugee politics. Here is a strong substantive discrepancy with regard to the Wagenknechts movement: "Stand up" spokeswoman Mayrhofer sharply criticized the leftist politician.

"If Sahra Wagenknecht says that large parts of the left would cultivate their own good feeling in a welcome culture to ban real distribution struggles, then we have to get far from their collection movement," he said in a statement. Do not follow the same ideals. At the request of WELT, Mayrhofer renewed her criticism. "We believe that a hospitable culture is not naïve, but based on fundamental human rights." People stand for a human asylum policy and that since the beginning of the refugee crisis in 2015.

The German group replies that it is a movement "that defends the right to asylum and fights for social justice and peace". In a guest speech for Die Zeit, Sahra Wagenknecht and the dramaturge Bernd Stegemann wrote in early June that large parts of the left "cultivated their own good feeling in a welcoming culture and then banished the real dispute about distribution in an environment far away from their own lives". It was not the only statement about migrants that caused strong criticism.

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After weeks of exchange, they have at least achieved a small success, says Maria Mayrhofer: The German movement has promised to abandon the hashtag in the logo in the future. "I think we can not achieve more, we have to live with this agreement now." On Sunday, however, no action had taken place: the sign was still adorned before it got up, which is actually the resemblance of both logos. strengthens.

The spokesperson is nevertheless conciliatory – and gives the German group some advice along the way: "If you want to build a movement, authenticity and credibility are extremely important." She wished the best of Wagenknechts's collection movement.

This can already face the following argument. Last Monday Lafontaine made a public appearance with Ver.di-boss Frank Bsirske after he doubted the success of the project. Bsirske was in favor of privatizing pensions, which was "one of the causes of the threat of millions of poverty among the elderly". The trade union leader has not yet responded.

New left-wing collection movement "Stand up" causes criticism

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It should be a counterweight to the AfD – the new left-wing movement of Sahra Wagenknecht. A nonpartisan project called "stand up". The movement is already raising controversies.

Source: WORLD / Katharina Kuhnert

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