Lower Saxony: Three deaths in a serious car accident

Lower Saxony: three deaths in a serious car accident – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Federal highway in Lower Saxony
Three people killed in a serious car accident

A car with four passengers on a federal highway near Wolfsburg drew away the lane and has repeatedly fallen, Three people died, one was seriously injured.

In a serious car accident on federal highway 244 in Lower Saxony, three people lost their lives. The fourth was badly injured.

The car had strayed to the right of the road on Saturday night shortly before the village of Mariental in Wolfsburg, police said. The car hit a crash barrier and was then catapulted against a bridge pier. Then it turned a number of times and came to a standstill in front of the wall of a monastic possession.

The force of the crash had been so severe that the driver, passenger and passenger in the rear seat suffered fatal injuries. They were picked up by the fire brigade of the completely destroyed vehicle. Initially the police could not give information about their identity. It was also unclear why the car came from the road.

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