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A majority of Germans are here for this AFD to be respected by the protection of the Constitution. In a representative online poll conducted by opinion research agency Civey on behalf of the Funke Mediengruppe, more than 57 percent of the respondents said that. The figure consists of 42.7 percent who support "absolute" supervision and 14.5 percent who respond "quite yes".

In contrast, slightly less than 36 percent of respondents said that surveillance of the AFD by the constitutional guardians was "absolutely not" (23.7 percent) or "rather not" required. About 7 percent were undecided. The speed of East Germans, who are in charge of surveillance, is around 48 percent considerably lower than that of West Germans (66 percent).

The Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) currently sees no reason for a comment from the protection of the Constitution"Of course, you always have to look very closely, and that is what the constitutional protection agency does, or statements of party members or cooperation with specific groups of individual opinions or a party political line," Seehofer told the newspapers in the Funke Mediengruppe. The conditions for an observation of the party "as a whole" are currently not available to him

Another CDU interior expert Armin Schuster had expressed. He called on the Constitutional Protection Authorities of the countries to look closely at the AFD. The AfD would be "more and more a matter for the protection of the Constitution", especially because party leader Alexander Gauland must now "at least once a month from a derailment of one of his party members".

The AfD politician Markus Frohnmaier, who had written on Twitter in view of the extreme right and xenophobic violations in Chemnitz, was recently criticized: "If the state can no longer protect its citizens, people will take to the streets and protect themselves Simple!" This was regarded as a call for self-righteousness.

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