Man abuses horse with pitchfork

animal abuse in Hesse: A man from Viernheim should have seriously mistreated his horses. One of the animals did not survive. When the police came, the man spoke out.

A man from Viernheim would have injured one of his horses with a pitchfork. Witnesses warn the police. "Locally it was discovered that the horse was in a neglected state and could not get up," wrote the police. A veterinarian had to put the horse to sleep.

Two more horses lived on the 77-year-old man's property. These were "also in an abandoned state," the police said.

+++ In this context, we would like to thank the Viernheim police and the two civil servants who were in the early hours …

Posted by Professional Animal Rescue Rhein Neckar on Sunday, August 19, 2018

The professional animal rescue Rhein Neckar has guided the operation according to their own information. "Two horses were kept permanently in dark boxes and, among other things, had no access to water", the club writes on its Facebook page.

The owner of the animals was "unreasonable", continues the article. For the injuries caused by the pitchfork the man had the following explanation: the ailing stick of the pitchfork had come loose and the teeth had caught the tail of a horse. The police's request to water the animals, he smiled.

The police have now housed the horses in another stable. The officials now want to conduct a preliminary investigation into animal abuse against the man.

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