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A group of visitors to the SPD delegate Sören Bartol was attacked in Chemnitz according to his own statements of right-wing radicals. The Marburg reported beating and destroyed SPD flags.

"My group from Marburg has just been attacked by Nazis on the road to the bus," wrote SPD MP Sören Bartol on Twitter on Saturday night. All SPD flags have been destroyed, some of his companions have even physically attacked & # 39 ;. The deputy from the Marburg-Biedenkopf constituency added: "I am shocked" and "What a shock".

I am shocked. My group from Marburg was attacked by Nazi's just on the way to the bus. All SPD flags were destroyed and some were even physically attacked.

Bartol, together with a group of about 30 people from Marburg SPDler, participated in the demonstration "Herz statt Hetze" against xenophobia in Chemnitz. Opposing the supporters of AfD, the xenophobic Pegida and the right-wing alliance "Pro Chemnitz", who sat in the Saxon city on Saturday demonstratedthey had rented a bus in the short term, as Georg Simonsky, staff in Bartol's constituency, reported on on Sunday. And actually everything was "relatively quiet".

Attackers do not flee in the park

Around 8 pm – Bartol was already on his way to Berlin – back to the bus and on the way to the motorway in the direction of Marburg, the attack had come. Around the 20 apparently right-wing radicals, the Hessians had intercepted on a street outside the demonstration area. "Some of us had flags of SPD and Jusos," Simonsky said. These were not only destroyed, but also several group members had strokes in the face and on the back of the head. In addition, they were attacked by the attackers & # 39; traitors of Germany & # 39; called. "That was a bit disconcerting," Simonsky said.

How long the attack lasted, Simonsky could not say exactly the next morning. Longer than a minute or two, but it probably was not, then luckily a police patrol had passed and immediately stopped. While the attackers had fled in an adjacent park, the additional officials had recorded data, recorded testimonies and escorted the Marburg to the coach.

The chemnitz police confirmed on Sunday afternoon that in the case mentioned an advertisement included used to be. Now it will be determined.

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View from above the "funeral march" with thousands of participants in Chemnitz.
Image © picture-alliance / dpa

The police separates thousands of demonstrators with water cannons

According to provisional figures from the city of Chemnitz, about 4,500 people took part in the so-called silent march of the right-wing alliance. The AfD claims to commemorate a 35-year-old who was stabbed in Chemnitz a week ago used to be, Suspects are an Iraqi and a Syrian, who were taken into custody.

In total, approximately 8,500 to 9,000 demonstrators traveled through the city according to official figures. More than 1,800 civil servants were deployed, including police officers from Hesse.

There were no major incidents, reported the Chemnitz police, who was led by horse teams, water cannons and Räumpanzern. According to a first report, nine people were injured and 25 were documented during the protests. This concerned material damage, physical injury, resistance against law enforcement officials and the use of trademarks of unconstitutional organizations.

Broadcast: YOU-FM, 2.9.2018, 9 hours

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