Maria H. reappears after five years: "I have lost my language"

Maria H., who disappeared at the age of 13 with a man from Blomberg in the Lippe district, has reappeared after more than five years. "The language has stayed away," says Konrad Rotzinger, the first chief detective inspector and head of the Kripo on the case. The 18-year-old from Freiburg is with her family, the police confirmed Friday. First the "Badische Zeitung" reported on it.

How Maria is, was not known on Friday. "I ask for your understanding that we and especially Mary need some time before we say something about it," wrote the mother on Facebook. "There is no happier family than ours!" Her daughter had contacted through the social network and was picked up from the Italian Milan at night after 1944 days absence of friends.

The then 13-year-old was in May 2013 with a 40-year-old man under water. After his arrival at Blomberg in Lippe district, Bernhard Haase will still be sought with an international arrest warrant, a police spokesman said.

Maria and 40-year-old man must be separated

The two met through the internet in 2012 and met several times in Freiburg. The police assumed a love relationship. Accordingly, the girl offered herself with the man. In the meantime, however, they had to divorce, such as the Badische Zeitung & # 39; reports. It is assumed that the girl had been traveling alone for some time.

The man is accused of child abduction in a particularly serious case. There is also the suspicion of serious sexual abuse of children. After Maria's disappearance, the matter was also a subject in the TV program "Aktenzeichen XY unsolved", in which the mother of Maria came with a video call to speak – but without success.

The police followed a lot of traces. In the summer of 2013 this led to Poland, where both would have stayed in a car and shopping.

"The research is only starting now", says researcher Rotzinger at the newspaper. Moreover, the man is wanted by an international arrest warrant.

Mary's mother thanks

Maria's mother thanked the police and all supporters for their help in the past. "It is simply unbelievable how much help, compassion, courage, human warmth and friendship we have experienced."

In Germany more than 100,000 children and adolescents are reported missing each year, according to figures from the "Missing Children Initiative". Most children appear again very quickly. According to the experience of the federal office for criminal practices, half of the cases were solved within a week, 80 percent within a month. Maria belongs to the small part of about three percent, and even after a year there is still no clarity.

Normally, the 18th birthday of a missing person ends when the teenager leaves voluntarily. The research continued with Maria.

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