Maybrit Illner: after just five minutes of broadcasting, Habeck is the SPD minister – Kino & TV

In the ZDF talk of Maybrit, Illner discussed among others the Federal Minister for the Environment, Svenja school, green boss Robert Habeck and FDP vice Wolfgang Kubicki on the subject: The hot planet – are we ready to give up?

Above all, Habeck left in the campaign mode right from the start of the program and the SPD minister closed earlier: "Mrs. Schulze, your honor, but Germany has not got anything in the last few years, we are good at abandoning climate goals in the Netherlands. present, but always say: we will keep ourselves in 2030. "

Not only does agriculture suffer from constant heat, so Habeck. More and more people would get heart and vascular problems. The cities are overheated, the work will be problematic. "It comes into life", said the Green Man.

But not only Habeck took Schulze in the pliers. FDP Vice Kubicki also asked: "Why should we believe that something will happen in the next ten years if nothing has happened in the past ten years?"

In the course of the program, the minister repeatedly fled to declarations of intent: "Something happens and we will also bring it to the front in Germany, we are currently planning a law on climate protection." The goal should be to achieve their own goals. . We are currently feeling the first signs of climate change. "It is very clear: we have to do something." What exactly and especially when, the minister left open.

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