Megabosbrand keeps firefighters busy – now everything points to arson

The evacuation of two villages in forest fires continues

17:19: The evacuation of the two Brandenburg villages of Tiefenbrunnen and Klausdorf is expected to be canceled on Saturday. Currently, the forest fire is still too dangerous, said the Deputy District Administrator of Potsdam-Mittelmark, Christian Stein, on Friday afternoon in Treuenbrietzen. 140 of them have been affected. However, locals must be allowed to visit their home on Friday, for example to feed animals.

According to Stein, the big forest fire southeast of Berlin broke out in three places at once. He does not want to speculate, but the assumption suggests that someone could have deliberately set it on fire. Earlier, the "HuffPost" already reported. "Here in the neighborhood, in Jüterbog, there is a fire devil, a founder, who has been here for a few weeks now," said the deputy spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, Brandenburg, opposite the Stein portal, further reported that a firefighter was involved in the firefighting of the flue gas was injured and needed medical treatment, and more than 440 firefighting operations would be continued during the weekend.

"Location not yet relaxed"

16:26: Hundreds of forces have held a large forest fire south-west of Berlin on Friday, but have not yet been brought under control. Two villages in Brandenburg were evacuated until further notice. The troops fought with three fire sources around Treuenbrietzen, a spokesperson for the Brandenburg Ministry of the Interior said on Friday. The location is not yet relaxed. There is no rain in sight and the wind is fresh.

"Every fireman has earned a medal here": the resident returns to his house

"I'm pretty sure they underestimate the fire"

Friday, August 24, 2018, 2:05 pm, Frohnsdorf: The armed forces of the police, fire brigades and German armed forces manage the situation better and better, acting exemplary and well organized. However, the votes are increasing, the operational command would have misjudged the seriousness of the situation. "I am pretty sure they have underestimated the fire," says Frohnsdorf, who wants to remain anonymous.

Already in the morning at least a few fire engines drove to the source of the fire. On Thursday afternoon the wind got a bit cooler, the fire probably spread quickly and got out of hand, the woman suspects. By night, the number of emergency services rose sharply. At first it was said, one should keep ne ne doors and windows closed. Around 10 pm people have to leave their home within 30 minutes and only take medication and items. There are some files in the women's trunk.

"We want to build a house in the neighborhood, so I quickly packed the building documents", says the Frohnsdorf. Her pregnancy belly is clearly visible under the tight top. She spent the night with her parents in the neighboring village. "I had a few problems, my stomach ached, so it was not a good night," she says. She was excited and a bit scared. Finding the house in safe condition is a nice consolation for the efforts of the last hours.

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