Meppen: Rockets test sets Moor on Bundeswehr site set on fire

After rocket trials on a swamp in Meppen, Lower Saxony, firefighters from the German Forces fought for about two weeks against a fire. "At the moment we are trying to bring as much water as possible to the stove to humidify the soil", said a spokesperson for the Bundeswehr on Monday. "We will definitely be working this week." People have not been harmed so far.

The fire originated during a weapons test at the Defense Technical Service (WTD) for weapons and ammunition: soldiers fired missiles from a helicopter.

Actually the Bundeswehr fire brigade with a Löschraupe should have cleared the fire immediately after the test, but the Löschraupe fell out and another such vehicle was just in the workshop. This allowed the smoldering fire to spread until a fire helicopter was ready for use.

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Fire on Bundeswehr site:
Smoke over Meppen

The Federal Agency for Technical Assistance has sent emergency services to the fire. Fire fighters from other cities are also in use. The Bundeswehr stands because of the incident in the criticism, the smoke must smell Bremen and Hamburg. The Nabu-Emsland criticized according to an NDR report that the soldiers have ever tested rockets in the light of the dried nature. The fire destroys many small animals and insects – and the CO2 balance and particulate matter pollution are not good.

the Greens in the Land Day of Lower Saxony point out the Bundeswehr of negligence. According to a report from the "Nordwestzeitung" they want to promote a ban on shooting heather fields in dry conditions – after all, open fires for natural persons are also prohibited under these circumstances.

According to the spokesperson for the Bundeswehr, it is not the first fire of several weeks at the test site. In 2010, a fire burned about six weeks before it could be extinguished.

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