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Berlin (dpa) – Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) should have decided after information about the "world" that the controversial head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maassen should leave his office. The newspaper reported that it was coalition circles.

A government spokeswoman did not want to comment on that.
She referred to a Merkel meeting with SPD leader Andrea Nahles and CSU leader Horst Seehofer this Tuesday in Berlin. Da Seehofer as Minister of the Interior and Supreme Employer Maaßen supports an escalation of the conflict between Merkel and Seehofer – it would also be possible for Seehofer.

Even Merkel himself did not want to comment on the future of the president of constitutional protection before the planned summit. She said she did not add anything to what she had already said on Friday, she told reporters in Algiers on Monday. Federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for a quick decision. He responded during a state visit to Finland to a question after the coalition dispute: "I can only express my hope that where decisions have to be made, they will soon fall."

A final decision has not yet been taken, the German news agency learned from circles of the Union's faction in the Bundestag. Even in SPD circles, initially there was nothing of a final decision – but it was firmly based on the replacement of the top executives. The coalition said Monday that they are still looking for a compromise solution, too Seehofer satisfactory.

SPD vice president Ralf Stegner told the German news agency: "It is a good sign if the chancellor shares the SPD's attitude." He said: "At a time when the democratic legal order of the right is being attacked, confidence in the security authorities should not be undermined." Stegner threw Maassen a failure in the investigation into the murders of the extreme right NSU, in the case of the Christmas market assassin Anis Amri and so-called & # 39; friendly consultation with the AfD & # 39; earlier. Maaßen meets time and time again with politicians from all parties represented in the Bundestag for discussions on the security situation – he spoke least about dpa information with the FDP and the AfD.

In order to dismiss Maassen, Merkel would have to use Seehofer's powers in guidelines. This should place CDU and CSU before another trial in the state elections in Bavaria (October 14). The fact that Merkel also sees Maaßen critically is an open secret: he had the
The politics of open borders in the refugee crisis is skeptical. The "world" reported that Merkel wanted the replacement of Maaßens. This has the CDU Chairman leading members of the Union and coalition SPD signed on the phone during the weekend. Merkel was of the opinion that the head of the administration was no longer acceptable because he had interfered with daily politics.

When asked whether it is true that Merkel wants Maaßen to lose his position, the government spokesperson, Martina Fietz, replied: "I do not respond to the" Welt "message at this point, but I want to point out that the Chancellor, the federal minister of home affairs and the SPD group chairmen discussed this on 13 September and they will continue their discussions tomorrow. "Until then, the coalition partners had agreed to remain silent.

The starting point of the debate was a statement from the President of the German Constitutional Agency for the Protection that he had "no reliable information" that chases hunting in Chemnitz for foreigners – rather "good reasons" for a corresponding video to make a deliberate wrong to be information to distract the public from the murder in Chemnitz. & # 39;

In Chemnitz, a 35-year-old German was stabbed on 25 August. The fateful suspects are three asylum seekers who, according to their own information, come from Syria and Iraq. After the fact there had been demonstrations by right-handers, neo-nazis, opponents of the refugee policy and counterprotests. It also came to xenophobic attacks.

Nahles had said at the weekend: "Mr. Maassen has to go, and I tell you, he will go." Merkel and Seehofer had recently shown that the big coalition would not break the conflict, but without becoming more specific. The hope of a voluntary dismissal from Maaßens has not been fulfilled so far.

FDP leader Christian Lindner said the "world": "At the forefront of constitutional protection a new start is needed to strengthen general confidence in the domestic intelligence service." The FDP fraction manager Marco Buschmann complained in Berlin, the protection of the Constitution was "derived from his actual mission at a time when combating extremism is a top priority task". "That's why it's time that there is a clear decision now and Mr. Seehofer is selling Mr. Maassen." Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch mentioned a late replacement. "Black and red are only in crisis management mode."

AfD faction leader Alice Weidel explained the discussion surrounding Maassen that this should be punished for his criticism of Merkel's refugee policy. "Everyone who criticizes Merkel's illegal immigration policy is mercilessly shot through the shortage of established politics," she wrote on Facebook.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution is subordinate to the Minister of the Interior. He can propose a new president for constitutional protection, but needs the approval of the cabinet.

According to the Federal Public Service, the Chairman of the Constitutional Protection Commission is a political official and can be temporarily retired at any time without giving reasons. This can also be motivated by the Federal Office of the Federal President.

Lawyers are very unlikely that the Chancellor insists on their authority and the Minister of the Interior instructs the President of the Constitution to dismiss.

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