Midsummer passes – single-digit temperatures possible

Again heat, then it was probably with midsummer. It is noticeably fresher in Germany. However, the drought and forest fire risk remain.

At the beginning of this week, a slight cooling is felt in some parts of Germany. In the course of the week it will be called a short time, until that time the temperatures will drop by Friday. "There are many cooler days to expect with one digit," said meteorologist Claudia Salbert of the MeteoGroup opposite t-online.de. Midsummer says goodbye.

On the night of Tuesday there are a lot of clouds in the northwest. Otherwise it will become looser. It stays dry at 17 degrees along the Rhine to 9 degrees in Schleswig-Holstein.

"Mike" again offers values ​​of more than 30 degrees

On Tuesday there is a lot of sun, especially in the south and northeast. Some clouds pass in the west and northwest – it can rain a little. The high-pressure area Mike again provides hot weather in some parts of Germany. In the South and Southwest up to 32 degrees are possible. A pleasant 20 to 26 degrees is expected in the east and north.

There is a lot of sun on Wednesday. It gets a little warmer with values ​​up to 34 degrees on the Rhine. Around 30 degrees are expected in central Germany, in southern Brandenburg and in Thuringia. Thunderstorms take over the Alps during the day. "That is the hint for changing the weather," said meteorologist Claudia Salbert.

Friday is the end of summer

Thursday starts friendly. In the northwest and south there are individual showers and thunderstorms. In the east it stays dry with lots of sun and up to 33 degrees. In the West it is not so hot: but it is possible up to 30 degrees, the meteorologist said.

By midday on Friday, we say goodbye to summer. A cold front ensures cooler temperatures and showers. It is changing. Thunderstorms are expected in the southeast. There are rain showers in the north, east and southeast. Temperatures only rise to 16 to 26 degrees. In Bavaria it is the warmest. In Hamburg and Cologne there are only 19 degrees during the day and 23 degrees in Berlin. "On Friday we are under normal – it will feel a little bit autumnal," said Claudia Salbert.

Summer is not over yet, but already in the summer. From now on it is becoming increasingly difficult to crack the 30-degree sign. The drought is not solved by the showers.

There should be light rain for a few days, explains the meteorologist. Transient showers bring the surface only superficially something. So there is still a risk of forest fires.

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