Minister of the Interior Wöller: Violence in Chemnitz is unbearable

The Minister of the Interior of Saxony, Roland Wöller, strongly condemned the right-of-way in Chemnitz. The approach of violent and violent criminals is unbearable, Wöller said on Monday in the ARD afternoon magazine. In addition, the Minister of Home Affairs turned against the sentiment in the network. "We have a situation that is unbearable for me and for many others, we have speculations, we have speculations, we have false announcements and real lies in the net," Wöller said. "I can only ask ourselves to remain calm, to stay calm and to deal with the facts and then draw the right conclusions."

Demo & # 39; s planned from left and right

Yesterday there were two spontaneous tombs in the center of the city. The trigger was the death of a 35-year-old German in a stabbing in the night to Sunday. Among other things, a right-wing football fan group had mobilized about 800 participants. For safety reasons and to prevent panic, the organizers have canceled the city festival prematurely. During the Sunday afternoon there were attacks and attacks on police officers. An MDR reporter also reported arguments between demonstrators. The police in Chemnitz deals with four advertisements relating to Sunday demonstrations: two charges of sexual assault, one of threat and one of showing resistance to law enforcement officials.

Meanwhile, demonstrations are announced again on Monday evening. The right-wing citizen movement "Pro Chemnitz" called a demonstration on Facebook. Several left-wing groups from Saxony announced counter-events in the social networks.

Arrest orders requested

A day after the violent death of a man in Chemnitz, the prosecutor asked arrest warrants for two suspects for joint murder. As the authorities announced on Monday, a 23-year-old Syrian and a 22-year-old Iraqi afternoon were brought before the magistrate. It is said that on Sunday morning they asked several times for a 35-year-old German in the center. The victim died shortly thereafter in the hospital. The investigation into the motive, the exact procedure of the crime and the murder weapon was said.

Mayor filled with disgust

"It should be a peaceful city festival, we had a special occasion, the city anniversary and when I see what has evolved here in the hours on Sunday, then I am shocked," said Mayor of Chemnitz Barbara Ludwig MDR SACHSEN. It was bad "that it is possible for people to meet, collect and destroy a city festival, run through the city and threaten people". She also said in an interview with MDR SACHSEN: "For those who have gathered here and have not intentionally registered a meeting, it's about disrupting the city festival, chaotizing the situation so that people become even more scared and that's exactly what we should not accept. "

The real reason for the premature hard demolition

The premature termination of the city festival, the organizers justified by an agreement with the police as meaningful and necessary to protect the visitors. "In order not to provoke any emotional reaction, we chose the obvious reason to renounce the city festival for the sake of piety and sympathy, although the real reason for us was of course a different security situation, we wanted to be able to enjoy the festival grounds in peace and quiet. ", the city festival organizer Sören Uhle explained about the economic development of Chemnitz.

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