Ministry worried about children dolls in salafist look

The faceless dolls are distributed according to WDR information, partly under the name "Jundullah" (soldiers of God). The female dolls are completely veiled. The manufacturer writes on Facebook, the goal is: "… that our little lion and lionesses get to know the natural modesty while playing".

"This is the breeding ground that leads to the isolation and rejection of Western values ​​and thus to radicalization", according to the Ministry of the Interior of NRW. "This creates a danger for our democratic society." Those who support the doll production have not informed the Verfassungsschutz.

The constitutional protection of the NRW had already warned in June that radicalized mothers were returning from Salafist battlefields with their children. They are a growing danger. About 3000 of the 11,000 salafists live nationwide in NRW.

(Felt / dpa)

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