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erfurt (dpa / th) – opponents of the controversial mosque in Erfurt, some masked and dressed in Arab robes, were moved by the Marbach district on Sunday morning. They wore a large black cross and banners with inscriptions like: "You Marbachers deserve this mosque" and "I am sent to break the cross, to destroy the pig". The police spoke about less than 20 participants. The elevator was approved.

Greens' MP and Erfurt council member, Astrid Rothe-Beinlich, reported that the group had also held a demonstration for their home. In a video that is dpa, loud one-player muezzin conversations are audible. A veiled speaker had announced that this was just the beginning. They are coming back. "That was really not fun," said Rothe-Beinlich. She understands that as a threat.

Earlier this year it became known that the community had approved the planned construction of the mosque. The construction is planned to start in 2019. Last year, opponents of the project set up large wooden crosses and wooden skewers with pig carcasses near the site. The builder of the planned mosque is the Ahmadiyya community, which has about 100 members in Thuringia.

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