Mountaineer collapsed on Watzmann

A 37-year-old mountaineer crashed on Sunday morning on the Watzmann east side at Berchtesgaden. Due to the difficult conditions on the mountain, a salvage is not possible up to now, as the police in Rosenheim have announced. Whether the man died in the crash is not certain. However, the police assume that the 37-year-old has not survived because of the height of about 50 meters.

The climber from the Erding area had started in the morning together with another man. At a transition point of ice this broke away under him, and the 37-year old crashed unsecured into the depths. Because the mountaineer could not make any visual or contact with the crashed 37-year-olds, he called the mountain rescue. This tried to come with a helicopter and several emergency services to the crash site. The rescue attempt was aborted according to the police because of "unstable ice masses" on the mountain as too risky. A second attempt to get to the site from a different location collapsed. The task groups want to check whether salvage is possible in the coming days.

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