"Multiplayer at its best!": Bundeswehr ads on Gamescom lead to criticism


"Multiplayer at its best!" Bundeswehr advertising on Gamescom causes criticism

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Provocative marketing of the Bundeswehr at Gamescom

The advertising of the Bundeswehr at Gamescom in Cologne criticizes. Here the Bundeswehr presents posters with armed fighters in computer game optics. With the slogan "More Open World does not work".

Gamescom presents the Bundeswehr around the video games fair with posters showing armed fighters in computer games. That causes some controversy. Now the Bundeswehr responds to the criticism.

DThe advertising of Bundeswehr in the context of gamescom gamescom in Cologne criticizes. Around the fair the Bundeswehr presents posters with armed fighters in computer game optics. To advertise proverbs such as "Multiplayer at its best", "More Open World is not" or "Double-kill, Multi-Kill, Ultra Kill, Rampage, M-M-M-Monster-Kill!" For a career in the Bundeswehr. The sentences refer to games and in-game logics.

The Evangelical Society for Conscientious Conscience (EAK) criticizes the self-presentation of the Bundeswehr. "What the Bundeswehr stands for is too serious to present it in this form and in such a context," says LAKK & # 39; s Vice-President Lutz Krügener.

The nature of the advertising is questionable and does not do justice to the task of the Bundeswehr. For those who go to the army in Germany point to the willingness to kill or to be killed in an emergency. "I simply expect more seriousness, clarity and honesty from the Bundeswehr," says Krügener.

Also in the short message service, Twitter criticizes the criticism of the type of advertising. Some users accuse the Bundeswehr of portraying war as a game and fading the line between reality and virtuality.

Bundeswehr responds to criticism

The federal armed forces announced upon request that the poster should "ponder young adults in the Gamescom environment, what they use their time or future". The key question of the promotion is: "play war or fight for peace?"

So a serious issue needs to be addressed at the computer games fair and advertised for the Bundeswehr employer. Also the headlines "Multiplayer at its best!" And "More Open World does not work!" Recognize the values ​​of the Bundeswehr – "Camaraderie and dedication to a free world," said a spokeswoman.

Gamescom sees itself as a point of contact for the European computer and video game industry and attracts developers, fans and manufacturers. Around 350,000 visitors are expected by Sunday. The Bundeswehr also presents itself with a stand.

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