Munich: Newborn uncovered in the bushes – mother found

On the weekend, a woman in the Neuperlach district in Munich found an apparently exposed newborn. Police have said that the baby's mother is diagnosed: "We are sure that we have the right woman," said a spokeswoman.

According to the police, a woman on the street told the police around 9:30 in the morning because she had discovered a newborn baby while walking in a bush. The little boy came to a clinic. On the basis of the imperfectly cut umbilical cord it was indicated that the birth had taken place shortly before.

Prosecutor investigates the 27-year-old

The Munich Public Prosecutor is now investigating investigations against the 27-year-old mother: "Suspension and violence are punishable," said a spokesperson. "If necessary, a murderous offense, but we can not bind ourselves yet." Important for the assessment of the case is how the little boy does it and also "how long the child is actually alone and unprotected". The child reportedly did well in the circumstances. He is still in the clinic.

According to police, the 27-year-old woman admitted that she was her mother when she was interrogated in her home town in the Frankfurt am Main region. The researchers do not want to say exactly where the woman from Hesse comes from.

On the trail of the mother, the researchers apparently came with the help of a 47-year-old man, among other things: he had spent the night before, according to the police with the woman after the two had met on the internet. The two celebrated according to the information only in the beer garden – and then went to the man's house. The next morning the woman complained of pain and bleeding and disappeared from the apartment.

The police found the woman in Hessen. According to the Prosecution she was not arrested: she has a permanent residence, there is no danger of escape.

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