Murder of Mia in Kandel: accused Abdul D. Stitched courts in court

In the trial against the murder of 15-year-old Mia from Kandel, the victim's mother testified Friday. Meanwhile, it should have been a dramatic incident in court.

Landau – The terrible murder of Kandel has moved all over Germany: her ex-friend Abdul D. reportedly struck Mia (15) on 27 December 2017 out of jealousy and revenge in a drugstore in Palatine Kandel. The prosecution is based on murder. On the first day of the trial, on June 18, the suspect, allegedly from Afghanistan, had regretted his remorse.

Abdul D. would have become violent in court

On Friday, the mother of the murdered Mia told the court. According to information from the imageNewspaper reportedly told her how she heard of her only daughter's death: she could only understand what happened to her daughter when she saw Mia lying lifeless in the clinic. The mother of the 15-year-old would also have reported the funeral of her daughter.

While the mother of Mia was on the witness stand, the defendant Abdul D. would have been completely disrupted, reports the imageAt first he seemed very restless, then suddenly he jumped up and shouted: "I want to get out of here right away!" When two judicial officers wanted to hold him, he would have spit on one of them and insulted him as a "dirty bull". Then he apparently jumped into the officer's neck and strangled him. Several SEK officials were then rushed into the courtroom and had removed the suspect with hand and foot demarcations.

The suspect's defender, Maximilian Endler, wanted to participate in the alleged incident against the image do not react. On Monday, August 20, Mia & # 39; s father is expected to testify.

Speculation about the age of the suspect

The trial is held with closed doors because the accused was a minor at the time of the crime. According to one opinion, he is probably between 17 years and 6 months and 20 years old. The defense doubts the report. On the sixth day of the trial Endler had said that he no longer expected to discuss the age of Abdul D. The suspect was registered by the Frankfurt Youth Office.

The process is planned until the end of August. Whether the verdict will take place as planned on August 29, but can not yet be judged definitively, the court said Friday. In the past few weeks the trial had been postponed again and again, because witnesses had not appeared in court.

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