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According to party leader Andrea Nahles the SPD is determined to enforce a so-called lane change and to allow rejected or tolerated asylum seekers to enter the German labor market. "I
I believe that currently the wrong people
are deported, namely well-integrated people who are alive
Work that is in training, "said Nahles about ZDF." And we should do that
Give chance. "

The lane change concerns rejected asylum seekers
To give a leading perspective if they are integrated and one
Work. just
In the business community it is often criticized that asylum seekers
educated and well integrated, and then deported.
Given the shortage of skills, this is counterproductive.

Would a lane change be a stimulus to escape?

The Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein
Daniel Günther ( CDU ) had last proposed asylum seekers for the last time
Right to change lanes from asylum to immigration legislation
make possible, if they are well integrated and qualified, German
speak and have a job. In the CSU and usually also the CDU
He rejects this because they are afraid of something like that
Regulations offer an extra incentive to flee to Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) have already spoken against it.

Like the Union, the employers' association Gesamtmetall fears that the
Discussion about prospects for a job for qualified asylum seekers
Qualifications Immigration law as a whole can be dangerous. "If we
would allow a rejected asylum seeker
Back door of the skilled labor immigration law may stay with us,
The impression would arise that it does not matter whether or not
Asylum seeker is rejected or not, "chief executive said
Oliver Zander of the Augsburger Allgemeine .

There must be some easing for the tolerated

SPD Grüne
and FDP are in favor of a lane change despite the concerns of the Union. In the meantime, the SPD has done so
a closing date regulation proposed to prevent escape incentives. in front of
The tolerated already in Germany must therefore apply the easing, for
future asylum seekers do not. Also the integration representative
The federal government, the Annette Widmann-Mauz (CDU), is in favor
the closing date regulation. "No one would understand that we are abroad
Recruit professionals and people who already work in the country as skilled workers
have work or work and be integrated, back to work
At home, "she told ZDF.

Also in the opinion of vice chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) would be a so-called lane change in the sense of the German economy. "We are talking about it
Refugees who have lived with us for a long time and are well integrated. the
good German, can work. Chefs and colleagues often want that
like to stay in the company. We must make that possible, "said
Scholz the photo on Sunday . The Union's objection that more asylum seekers are being lured to Germany through a retention perspective is not necessarily wrong, but does not take into account the fact that the
Asylum procedures in Germany still took far too long, Scholz said. There is a lane change for SPD
only in the case of a long procedure: "We need faster
and more effective procedures. That helps. Who within a few months
rejected, the country can and must leave again. "

There is already a special scheme for trainees

Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) showed his trust in the ZDF with the Union also a regulation
find. In the cornerstones of the Ministry of the Interior for one
Immigration law was registered as the potential of refugees
must be used. "The design that we will be together
Heil was especially relevant for students
So far there was a deviation that allowed them a total of five
Staying for years: training for three years and two years
Later employment.

The Interior Ministry supported Seehofer's refusal to change from asylum to immigration law. For changes
his state secretary Stephan Mayer ( CSU ) showed his interest in the 3 + 2 scheme
but broad-minded: "I stay in the light of the lack of skilled workers in the
Further relieving nursing for consideration, "he told the Passauer Neue Presse .

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