Naila: No traces of a body under way – Bavaria

More than 30 years after the disappearance of a then 18-year-old, the police are looking for her remains. Even a street in the Hof district has been torn open.

from Olaf Przybilla, Naila

In the late evening of November 4, 1986, Heike H., who had just turned 18, disappeared from the town of Naila in Upper Franconia. No one could explain what had happened to the woman. Even the researchers do not. The young woman had just left, a crime could not be excluded, nor proved. On the weekend, researchers have now followed a cruel suspicion. Was the woman brought under State Road 2195 between Naila and Lichtenberg? The road is torn several meters away. Was not dug far from the former home of the woman, from where she disappeared almost 32 years ago. But nothing was found that was worth mentioning for the case.

The researchers had given various reasons for looking there. With the aid of ground radar, geophysicists have found a "soil mare" in the vicinity of the Nagelaer district Marx green. In addition, ultrasound has confirmed the assumption that something must be in the ground, which researchers have a & # 39; sturgeon & # 39; call, possibly a concrete block. A specially trained archeology dog, trained for the smell of old human bones, also struck. A "can limit the relevant place to a few meters," said Reiner Laib, senior prosecutor in the yard. The street was also built at the time when Heike H. disappeared. All this was enough for the researchers to carry out a significant amount of interference. On Saturday alone, a pit of more than three meters deep and five meters wide was torn open.

There are so-called cold cases & # 39 ;, unresolved criminal cases for which the entire republic is interested. The Peggy business from Lichtenberg, just six kilometers from Marxgrün and also located in the Hof district, has been lit up for years in all branches. On the other hand, even the locals do not know much about the case of Heike H. Suddenly she was no longer there, says someone who knows her mother, who comes from Selbitz. They were "kidnapped", some suspected. The others believed that when she was eighteen, she was just doing what she should have announced: she would leave the region as soon as possible. Of course, this theory always had an obvious mistake, because the researchers knew: is someone running without a word – and then no more than 30 years to answer?

If someone knows how much a region is enthusiastic about a business, then this is the head of the local editorial staff of a local newspaper. Sören Göpel is responsible for this in the Frankenpost, The missing person's case was long before his time, but Göpel tapped Naila colleagues and the police earlier. Almost no one could remember it; they rule out that the case would have hit "bigger waves". The woman had just left, of her own free will or not, nobody knew what to say. The cause quickly fell into oblivion until the researchers sat down again in 2017 to solve this enigmatic missing person's suitcase.

For the time being in vain. Although a concrete block of two meters long was discovered in the ground, probably for the stabilization of pipes. No trace but Heike H. Men will continue the research, says police spokeswoman Anne Höfer.

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