Neighbor confesses Tat: female body found in Thuringia is Berliner Sylvia K.

The police have cleared up a murder of a woman. On 5 July, walkers at the A9 motorway near Lindau in the district of Saale-Holzland had found a heavily dilapidated female body along an unpaved road. As the public prosecutor announced Tuesday, it is 49-year-old Sylvia K. from Reinickendorf – according to information from this newspaper, a retired postmaster.

Her body, which the pedestrians discovered, was partially buried. The police inspection Jena has established the "Soko dirt road". The identification of the dead was initially difficult. The case was also a topic in the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY … not solved".

X-ray of the teeth of the dead

X-ray of the teeth of the dead

According to the researchers, the dead had a remarkable number of dentures. There were crowns, implants and partial teeth in the upper jaw. The Soko Feldweg turned to the Thuringia Chamber of Dentists. Because Sylvia K. had already been reported missing in Berlin and there was already more evidence of the origin of the body, the dead were able to determine on their dental implants without a doubt on 9 August, said a researcher.

The Berlin Public Prosecutor took over the procedure and added the 8th murder. The researchers were able to identify a 41-year-old neighbor of Sylvia K. in the Reginhardstraße, who had lived through Hartz 4 for some time. He had emptied the woman's letter box – as well as her account, which could identify his identity.

He was arrested Tuesday and made a full confession. Accordingly, he strangled the woman in the dispute in her apartment and later brought her to Thuringia in the car. He must be presented this Wednesday to a magistrate for the issuance of an order for manslaughter.

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