Neukölln: Extensive family to eliminate rescuers in Berlin

BA medical emergency service in Berlin-Neukölln would have disabled about 75 members of a large family of rescuers who cared for their relatives. The firemen helpers were summoned to the Siegfriedstrasse on Friday evening to resuscitate a now lifeless man, police said Saturday.

In the meantime, about 75 people gathered in the apartment and in the stairwell, who according to the police belonged to the surroundings of an extended family in Arabic. The "Bild" newspaper reported first.

When the paramedics stopped the unsuccessful CPR, the crowd became restless because a requested ambulance still had to confirm the cause of death. According to the newspaper "Bild", people should have called on the rescue workers to continue. About 60 helpers called for the situation, according to the police, the situation eventually came under control.

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Emergency Paramedic Denise Deni

The many people and the emotionally heated mood had hindered the emergency services in their work, said the Berlin fire brigade. There were, however, no criminal acts or arrests. The mission lasted until about 22 hours.

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