New campers and caravans at the Caravan Salon

Düsseldorf (dpa / tmn) – The more than 600 caravan park operators (until 2 September) are driving a lot of new things for camping enthusiasts from all over the world. More than 2100 leisure vehicles can be seen in Düsseldorf, the world's largest exhibition of motorhomes.

These are vehicles for consumers with a smaller wallet and for holders of an XXL account. One or the other world premiere is according to manufacturers, some things are still future music.

The producer Volkner from Wuppertal presents a giant of twelve meters long with its Performance S, which is equipped with 368 kW / 500 hp. In his "belly" – a patented central garage – fits a mature car. The luxury camper has three air-conditioning systems, five heaters, solar panels, induction cabinet and dishwasher are powered by batteries. For the variant shown in Düsseldorf, almost 1.5 million euros is due – that is the most expensive vehicle that is exhibited in the Caravan Salon.

Who looses about 320,000 euros, could go on the luxury liner Morelo Palace, which according to the provider for the first time in Düsseldorf the public is presented: depending on the floor plan, the camper at 8 to 9.50 meters, with 151 kW / 205 horsepower and many equipped with new technical highlights, as a spokesperson says. In addition, the Morelo Empire Liner. In the sports garage at the rear there is room for a Porsche 911. Cost: around 591.230 euros – but without the Porsche.

With a world first, Volkswagen is waiting: with the Grand California from the series 600 or 680. The motorhomes of the class of six meters were completely redeveloped, on Crafter basis, fully equipped with bathroom, toilet, bed, gas supply. The launch is planned for the coming spring. A spokesman calls the estimated price "less than 55,000 euros" for the California 600 and "less than 57,000 euros" for the 680 series.

That a trailer can be mobile, shows the manufacturer Dethleffs, who is the first caravan with its own electric drive & # 39; makes a passive appendix – christened in the name e.home coco. With powerful batteries, two electric motor motors and advanced control electronics, the development into "active car" is possible. A floating caravan is the caravan boat, presented by the metal and boat building Wolgast. It unites caravans and removals of houseboats and costs 69,000 euros.

Quite modest is the Kulba Teardrop from Latvia. A compact lightweight, which is suitable as a caravan beginner and must have a basic price of around 5100 €. At Retro, Citroën offers the type H Wildcamp, in the nostalgic corrugated iron look, but technically up-to-date and available for around € 63,700.

Mercedes shows the Concept Sprinter F-Cell as a study. Despite the hydrogen tanks, according to the manufacturer, the motorhomes probably only carry 200 kilograms more on the scale than identical diesel vehicles.

The manufacturer Silver wants to grow big with a small caravan: equipped with Hubdach comes the Evasion 430 CP with a little less than two meters high and wide. Low weight also means lower fuel consumption, says Silver. The Evasion CP and Querbett cost around 21,500 euros.

During a tour of novelties, the Harmony 3 caravan draws attention: a modern interior, a spacious kitchen and modern technology – it looks a bit like being inside a yacht. But: it is a study, explains Stephan Karl of the company Bürstner. In this form the eye-catcher is not sold, but parts of it are taken over in different series. "We want to show you where the journey is going, what would be possible in the future."

With more comfort in the "Dachstübchen" and in the living room with three family-friendly variants of the Siesta de Luxe series, Hobby advertises. All rooms have a minimum of four beds and a maximum of six seats. The Siesta de Luxe A65 GM even has its own bunk bed for children at the rear and is offered with a basic price of around 60,000 euros. Car roof tents are suitable for special adventurers – for example from Hymer's 3DOG Camping factory. Mounted on the car roof you are closer to the sky in this camper bed.

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