News: Faction Areas wanted by Pro Chemnitz Movement

The most important news of the day:

  • Factionrooms from Pro Chemnitz wanted (16:34 hours)
  • Preliminary result: impasse of blocks to election of Sweden (15:02)
  • Man racing on a yacht in France on runways of the airport (14:56)
  • Federal Defense Commissioner Maaßen informed the government about the Chemnitz video (12:20 pm)
  • RTL / n-TV Trend Barometer:
    loses approval (9:57 am)

The news of the day in the

+++ 17.18 hours: Juwelft in Paris Ritz has again shown +++

Thieves are said to have plundered jewels at the Parisian luxury hotel Ritz. A member of the Saudi Arabian royal family showed the deed, as it was called by the police in the French capital. According to the radio station France Info, the victim is a princess from Riyadh. The jewels are therefore worth about 800,000 euros.

According to the channel, the jewels were not in the safe when they were robbed. Moreover, there is no indication of a violent break-in in the hotel room. According to judicial sources, the investigation will be carried out by the police unit against organized crime.

It was the second theft in the Ritz since the beginning of the year: in January, criminals from the famous 5-star hotel at Vendôme Square had stolen watches and jewelery worth more than four million euros. During their flight, however, they lost the entire booty, which could then be insured by the police.

+++ 17:02: CDU-tip Merkel unanimously behind the Kauder proposal +++

The CDU leadership unanimously supported party leader Angela Merkel to assist her confidant, Volker Kauder, in the upcoming match for the group chairman's office. Merkel unanimously received applause for her proposal. For Kauders, the rival candidate Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) had not cast a vote, he said in the margins of the meetings of the CDU top committees in Berlin. The election will take place on 25 September. The Westphalian Brinkhaus wanted to defend its candidacy on the early Monday evening at the meeting of the entire group.

CDU Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that it is an "expression of democratic normality that there are also candidates from different people for a position". This is nothing unusual in the group – even if it seldom takes the lead. "That is what the group has done so far – and it is so stable, I would argue, always very well stowed." For that reason they are "not worried about the upcoming democratic elections".

+++ 16:35: CDU open for hardware to accommodate older diesel cars & # 39; s +++

The CDU has been banned in Frankfurt am Main for hardware retrofits on older vehicles after the judgment on diesel driving. Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that all measures had to be taken to prevent such bans, after meetings of the top committees of the party in Berlin. Now "where it is logical and feasible, and also quickly achievable, (…) to talk about hardware retrofits".

In the foreground are updates of the software or upgrades of the fleet. But now there is a situation in Frankfurt, "where apparently these measures are not enough," said Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Video: Court condemns the city of Frankfurt am Main to the ban on driving under diesel

As early as March, the CDU made it clear that in principle it was also open to hardware adjustments, if other steps were not enough. This case has now happened, said Kramp-Karrenbauer. The responsibility for changes to the engine control or the exhaust system remains with the car industry. It had to be clarified "in which cases hardware conversions should be implemented in a reasonable ratio between expenditure and revenue". She assumes that this will be discussed in more detail in the coming days, the CDU Secretary General reported.

+++ 16:34 pm: faction chambers from Pro Chemnitz searched for published warrant +++

Due to the publication of an arrest warrant in connection with the murderous death in Chemnitz, the detectives in the town hall searched for faction rooms of the right-wing populist citizen movement Pro Chemnitz. There were also searches in a law firm and in three apartments in the Saxon city, as the public prosecutor Dresden announced on Monday.

The background is a preliminary investigation against three accused. They are therefore accused of having published a copy of the arrest warrant against one of the suspects in the case of the 35-year-old Germans who were killed on a Facebook page more than two weeks ago. During the house searches on Monday morning, various storage media were confiscated.

Whether it was the searched law firm for the executive committee of Pro Chemnitz, Martin Kohlmann, did not indicate the public prosecutor's office. Pro Chemnitz sits with three deputies in the city council.

+++ 16:25: Hof denies Seehofer's backlog former Bamf boss +++

The higher Administrative Court in Bremen has exiled Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) from further condemnation of the former head of the Bremer Bamf branch. The Federal Ministry of the Interior is forbidden in the future to claim that a report of the internal audit of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) in May had revealed that "in the Bremen city center deliberately ignores legal regulations and internal service regulations. be left ", according to the court in Bremen (Az: 2 B 213/18).

This was announced in a press release by the Ministry of the Interior in May. Whether the branch manager deliberately violated laws is still the subject of ongoing investigations, the court.

+++ 16:10: UN: More than 30,000 people displaced by attacks in Idlib +++

In the Syrian province of Idlib, more than 30,000 people have been forced to flee because of attacks by Syrian government forces and the Russian Air Force. "We are deeply troubled by the recent escalation of violence that has led to the displacement of more than 30,000 people," said spokesman for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), David Swanson.

The head of UN aid operations, Mark Lowcock, vigorously warned against a major offensive on the last bastion of Syrian rebels. A major attack on Idlib could lead to "the worst humanitarian catastrophe with the greatest loss of life in the 21st century," Lowcock said in Geneva. Because of the large number of inhabitants in Idlib and their vulnerability, the UN was "extremely alarmed".

+++ 15:34: Coast Guard continues to search for Küblböck from the air +++

The Canadian Coast Guard continued its search for Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck, which is missing with the aid of the air in the Labrador Lake from Newfoundland. During the day it must be decided whether the search will continue and how the next steps will be, said a Coast Guard spokesman in Halifax, the German news agency on request.

Daniel Küblböck

The coastguard searched for Küblböck on Sunday, which had gone overboard, according to the Aida Cruises tour operator of the cruise ship Aidaluna, two ships and a reconnaissance plane and a helicopter in use. At night only one ship was looking from the Coast Guard to Küblböck. Initially the Aidaluna and another cruise ship also took part in the search. It was not enough until Monday morning.

The 33-year-old Küblböck became nationally known in 2003, when he had participated in the TV program "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and finished third.

+++ 15:27: Police rescued in the Sudan 85 children from the clutches of traffickers +++

The Sudanese police have, in cooperation with the international police department of Interpol, excavated a ring for trafficking in Sudan. Twenty-two women and two men were arrested at Operation Sawiyan between 26 and 30 August, the French bureau said. 94 people can be saved. Among them there were 85 children.

+++ 15:09: Seehofer wants to assess the Maaßens report in peace +++

The Federal Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer (CSU), wants to evaluate the report on the protection of constitutional protection Hans Georg Maassen in peace in the events in Chemnitz and does not make a quick assessment. "You have to do such things carefully," said the CSU chairman after a meeting of a party executive in Munich. So far he has not been able to see the report and he has several appointments on Monday and will be back in Berlin after midnight. He also wanted to call not only his secretary of the state, but to get a picture of himself. He wanted to take his time.

Left group leader: Bartsch: Maassen no longer sustainable in function

+++ 15:02: Preliminary result: Patt of blocks to Sweden election +++

The Social Democrats have clearly won the elections in Sweden, even after a preliminary result. While the right-wing populist Swedish Democrats became the third strongest force, the Social Democrats simultaneously gave the worst result for more than 100 years. After counting all polling stations in Sweden, the traditional political blocks ended with a difference of 0.3 points. Who can form the government remained unclear.

The Social Democrats reached 28.4 percent. The conservative moderates came to 19.8, the right-wing populists to 17.6 percent. Social Democrats, Greens and the Socialist Left Party thus receive 144 seats, the liberal-conservative alliance with four parties led by 143 seats moderately. However, the distribution of seats can still tilt if the votes from abroad are counted until Wednesday. A number of late postal votes from Sweden have not yet been considered.

+++ 14:57: Reinhard Rauball will no longer run for DFL President +++

Reinhard Rauball resigns as president of the German football competition (DFL) next year. "After intensive considerations, I decided not to be available again for a job at the DFL next summer," said the 71-year-old in a personal statement published by the DFL.

+++ 14:56: running man in France on runways of airports +++

During a wild chase in France, a man raced on the slopes of Lyon airport. Previously, he had broken glass doors at a terminal, a spokesman for the prefecture said. The man was eventually overwhelmed and arrested by security forces on the slopes. The background to the incident was initially unclear, the prosecutor of Lyon instituted an investigation. Air traffic was stopped. "There is no victim to complain," said the prefecture.

The highway police and a gendarmerie helicopter had picked up the man's chase in the wrong direction on a highway in the morning. According to a report from the prefecture, he first broke through the Lyon-Bron business airport through safety barriers before driving to Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport. There he penetrated the Terminal 1 with his vehicle and finally reached the slopes where his flight ended.

+++ 14:42: More than 100 prisoners escaped from Brazilian prison +++

At least 105 detainees escaped from a prison in Brazil in the early morning (local time). A crime squad has fired the gate of the João Pessoa detention center in the northeast state of Paraíba and attacked security personnel with firearms, according to security officials. An officer of the military police suffered serious injuries. The target of the attackers was the release of four prisoners who had been arrested for numerous raids on cash transporters and ATMs, reported the news portal G1, stating police sources. 33 fugitives were soon caught again.

+++ 2.30 pm: arrest warrant against police officer who accidentally shot her neighbor +++

A white American police woman, who had cheated on her return home and shot a black man in his own apartment, was detained for manslaughter. Amber Guyger was arrested Sunday and taken to a city prison, Texas security officials said. The incident took place on Thursday evening after the police woman died. Still in uniform she accidentally went by the police in the apartment of Botham Shem Jean in a luxury residential complex near the center of Dallas. After policeman Jean shot her, she called the ambulance service and told the helpers that she thought it was their own house. According to the news from Dallas Morning Guyger wandered the floor and led the apartment right above the hair. The door was unlocked and the lights were off. When Guyger saw a man in the dark, she pulled her gun and opened fire because she had no burglar, the newspaper reported. According to the police, the 30-year-old Guyger lives in her home for four years.

Fatal confusion: police woman mistakes in apartment and shoots neighbors

+++ 14.12 hrs: Gewandhausorchester and Staatskapelle together against xenophobia +++

The Gewandhausorchester Leipzig and the Staatskapelle Dresden give joint concerts for a peaceful coexistence. The two great Saxon orchestras, for example, react to a development that the musicians perceive "with great concern", as they said: "The increasing intolerance and aggression against other looking or otherwise thinking people." In the Gewandhaus Orkest and the Staatskapelle, people from 20 countries worked together "respectfully and respectfully", the orchestras stated. "We emphatically represent interpersonal values ​​such as respect, tolerance and cosmopolitanism."

+++ 14:11: number of temporary workers in Germany with more than one million +++

The number of temporary workers in Germany has increased by 43 percent in the last ten years. At the end of 2017, 1.03 million people worked well in this form of employment. Ten years earlier, the number of temporary workers had been about 720,000, as shown by a response from the federal labor ministry to a request from the left-wing group. The number of temporary agency workers peaked last year, the party said. In comparison with the previous year, it increased by almost 39,000. According to the German government's response, the share of total employment at the end of 2017 was 2.8 percent. Four years earlier it was still 2.4 percent.

+++ 2.03 pm: Mosque in Lower Saxony smeared by unknown +++

Unknown perpetrators have smeared a mosque in Nordenham, Lower Saxony. In the night of Monday the facade was sprayed with disapproving logos, as the police told Delmenhorst. In addition, various pork products were thrown in front of the mosque. Walls and windows were smeared with a red substance. The police started an investigation. She asked the people for help and called witnesses to report to the authorities. The perpetrators do not have any trace so far.

+++ 12:48: Federal government outraged by extreme right-wing protests in Köthen +++

The federal government has shown indignation at the extreme right-wing protests after the death of a young man in Köthen, Saxony-Anhalt. "The fact that (…) at the end of the day in Köthen, as a video show, national socialist chants were opened, must also make us angry and outraged," said government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

It was with grief and dismay over the death of the 22-year-olds reacted. How it came about and whether the suspects are being blamed must now be clarified by police and prosecutors.

In the so-called funeral march after the deadly conflict in Köthen in Saxony-Anhalt, the police initially registered ten advertisements. It is due to the suspicion of incitement, the insult, violation of the right of assembly and a personal injury to journalists, said Saxony-Anhalt police director Christiane Bergmann in Magdeburg. Currently the demo is being evaluated for further crimes. The police use their own findings, video recordings and online material. At a demonstration there was an open microphone that was occupied by the extreme right scene, so Bergmann.

+++ 12:20: head of constitutional protection Maassen informed the federal government about Chemnitz +++

The head of the service for the protection of the constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen, informed the federal government, on which he supported his assessment of the incidents in Chemnitz, criticized by many politicians. The report of the President of the Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) was received Monday in the federal Interior Ministry and has now been reviewed, said the Ministry's spokeswoman, Eleonore Petermann, in Berlin. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert confirmed that the report "was also forwarded to the chancellery". At first nothing was known about the content, first the competent parliamentary committees had to be informed.

Debate on Hunt Hunts: Excitement about the protection of the Constitution President Maassen

+++ 12.12 clock: Five killed in family tragedy in Australia +++

The Australian police arrested a man who reportedly killed his 41-year-old wife, 73-year-old mother-in-law, and three daughters at twenty-two years of age and three and a half years in a west Perth suburb. The 24-year-old is accused of a murder of five, the state police say in Western Australia. Police chief Chris Dawson said it was a "terrible tragedy". The possible motives initially remained in the dark. The alleged perpetrator had asked himself at a regional police station.

+++ 11.58 Clock: green, left and FDP sue against the Bavarian police law for the Constitutional Court +++

The members of the Bundestag of the FDP, the Left and the Greens summoned the Federal Constitutional Court together against the Bavarian Police Task Force. This law would "people under general suspicion" criticize Katrin Göring-Eckardt, leader of the Green Party in Berlin. That was why the three parties had joined forces in this unusual "Alliance for the rule of law". Goering Eckardt said she remembered the Bavarian law of her life in the GDR. Dietmar Bartsch, chairman of the leftist group, even spoke about "creating an extensive supervisory power that has not existed since 1945". FDP party leader Christian Lindner called the law an "attack on freedom". The separation of police and intelligence services must be maintained, "we do not need a secret police," Lindner emphasized.

+++ 11.37 clock: Japanese court accuses "Twitter killer" for ninefold murder +++

In Japan, a 27-year-old has been charged on Monday for nine-fold murder. Takahiro Shiraishi had previously known to kill his victims and to dismantle the bodies. He had lured his victims through online networks and offered suicidal people via the short message service Twitter are support in implementing their plan. His victims were between 15 and 26 years old, eight of whom were women. According to the Jiji Press news agency, Shiraishi was investigated for five months before being charged. At the end of October last year, on the morning of Halloween, the Japanese police had made a gruesome discovery in his home: they discovered nine mutilated bodies and 240 bits of bone hidden in cooling and toolboxes and covered with cat litter.

+++ 11:32: Case Maria H.: Suspect must answer in the court +++ in Germany

The man who was arrested in Italy after the disappearance of Freiburg Maria H. for years, must be tried in Germany. The German judiciary will file a request for extradition of the 57-year-old, police and prosecutors said in Freiburg. The man from Blomberg in North Rhine-Westphalia had looked for the withdrawal of children with an international arrest warrant. He was arrested last Thursday by police officers in an empty house in Sicily and has since been detained in Italy. The 18-year-old Maria had surprisingly reported to her father last week and was then brought home from friends of his father from Milan. She disappeared as a 13-year-old with the man about 40 years older and was searched by family and police for more than five years.

+++ 11.23 clock: four million people need care by 2035 +++

According to a new study, in 2035 probably four million people in Germany will need old age care. Starting point of the calculation is the supply of the population of the coming decades to the current circumstances, communicated the employer's institute of the German economy (IW) in Berlin. The number of nurses should rise in view of the increasing numbers in Germany with 44 percent with 44 percent to about half a million, according to the IW. In order to ensure that those affected do not always have to pay for their own care and that care does not become a "cash position policy", the advantages of long-term health insurance, as opposed to today, have to be automatically adjusted to the development of care percentages. In 2015, around three million people needed care.

+++ 10.20 am: Pepsi, Danone and Nestlé want to produce bio-plastic bottles together +++

The American company Pepsico will work in the future with the two European competitors Danone and Nestlé to develop water bottles of bioplastics. This was announced by the three companies. The aim is to produce 100% of the material in the near future from sustainable and renewable sources such as waste paper or wood chips. The first of these bottles should be on the shelves in 2020. Danone and Nestlé had already worked together in March 2017 to develop greener water bottles. They formed the alliance NaturAll Bottle together with the California Startup Origin Materials. This alliance was accompanied by PepsiCo.

+++ 10:11: Millions of people's VW investors process has started +++

The long-awaited hearing began in the billions model procedure of VW investors in the framework of diesel manipulations at Brunswick's higher regional court. Volkswagen shareholders demand compensation of billions for losses incurred in the exhaust gas scandal. So far, the court has planned 13 days of the trial until the end of the year – due to lack of space in the Braunschweig Stadthalle. The suspects are the main shareholder of Volkswagen and VW, Porsche SE, the claimant is Deka Investment. All in all, the prosecutors claim almost 9 billion euros. In the model procedure itself, the dispute is currently almost 4 billion euros. The key question is: did VW timely inform the markets about the affair surrounding millions of fraud with engineered diesel engines?

+++ 9.57 clock: AfD loses after chemnitz in research approval +++

After the Chemnitz incidents and the subsequent discussions about right-wing extremism, the AfD disappeared according to a poll in the electorate. In the published trend barometer on Monday of the TV station RTL and n-TV, the party dropped by two percentage points to 14 percent compared to the previous week. The left party has therefore risen by two points to ten percent. The Union comes in the survey to 31 percent, the SPD to 16 percent. The Greens are just behind with 15 percent. The FDP would be moved with nine percent of the votes in the Bundestag.

+++ Bayern election: CSU slides under investigation at 36 percent +++

According to a new survey in Bavaria, the CSU is now under 36 percent approval. In a Civey survey published by the "Augsburger Allgemeine" and "Spiegel Online" Christsocial reached 35.8 percent, two percentage points less than two weeks ago. This threatens the CSU in the state elections on October 14, a historic defeat – most recently in 1954 with 38 percent less than 40 percent. The second strongest force in Bavaria according to the survey, the Greens, which could rise by 1.4 percentage points to 16.5 percent. The AFD rose by 0.2 percentage point to 13.7 percent, the SPD would come with a similarly slight increase of 0.3 percentage point to 12.1 percent approval. This is followed by the Free Voters with unchanged 8.1 percent for the FDP with 5.8 percent approval, which corresponds to a minus of 0.3 percentage points.

+++ 1.15 clock: Seven people injured by mes attack in Paris +++

In a knife attack in Paris, seven people were injured, four of them serious. They were attacked on Sunday night by a man armed with a leakarm and an iron bar, it was said of appropriate sources. According to investigators, the suspect was arrested, so he is apparently an Afghan. So far nothing indicates a terrorist background, it said from the research circles. The incident took place just before 11 am in the 19th arrondissement in the north of Paris. According to the researchers, the man attacked "unknown people on the street".

+++ 0.08 clock: According to media report for federal government, the Federal Government thinks of combat in Syria after +++

According to a report from the newspaper "Bild", the federal government is investigating further military options in Syria, including combat operations. In an & # 39; expertronde & # 39; and further discussions in the Ministry of Defense had recently been discussed, the newspaper reported. The condition for German participation in military operations against Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad would be that the Syrian government forces again use poison gas against the local population. One of the options discussed was the "Bild" report, according to reconnaissance flights and damage analysis, but also participation in possible combat missions. According to this, Bundeswehr tornadoes could attack military facilities of the Syrian government army.

+++ 0.06 clock: Sweden's Democrats declare themselves the winner of the elections, but miss sensation +++

The right-wing populist Swedish Democrats have declared themselves the big winners of the elections in Sweden. "I know who won this election, it's the Democrats in Sweden," top candidate Jimmie Åkesson called to his supporters. The party has strengthened its role, received more mandates in parliament and will be heard in the coming months and years. After including almost all constituencies, the Democrats of Sweden have achieved the best result in their history, but missed a sensation as the third largest party with just under 18 percent. The majority of the votes went to the Social Democrats (28.4 percent), but their worst result in 100 years. The moderates are 19.8 percent, about two percentage points ahead of the Swedish Democrats.

+++ 0.05 clock: Black-green in Hesse for the +++ out

Almost a month and a half before the state elections in Hesse, the black-green coalition can continue to expect a continuation of the government alliance, according to a new survey. After an Insa survey on behalf of the newspaper "Bild" the CDU is currently only 29 percent, the Greens would be 14 percent according to the current standards. Equally strong would be the AfD, which is not yet represented in the state parliament. The second strongest party would therefore be the SPD with 24 percent, also left (8 percent) and FDP (7 percent) would move to the parliament in Wiesbaden.

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