No radio contact: Jets provide a sound wave

Ffrankfurt / Main (dpa / lhe) – The lack of radio contact with a planned engine has called two Bundeswehr jets on the scene – and some people in Hesse are uncertain. The Eurofighter had caused many audible supersonic explosions on Saturday, especially in central and eastern Hesse. That is why several citizens had reacted with fear, who think of an explosion, said a spokesman for the police in Giessen on Sunday. Earlier, the news portal reported that the jets had been launched to make contact with an Egyptian line machine.

The plane had been on its way to Dusseldorf, but the radio contact with the cockpit was broken, a spokesman for the German Air Force said on Sunday. In such cases, it is common for Eurofighters to inflate. Even before they reached the plane, the pilot noticed his mistake, as the spokesman said further: he had set the wrong radio frequency and was therefore not available for German air traffic control. Such incidents occur 15 to 20 times a year.

A similar case led to concerns for citizens in July last year, especially in Central Hesse.

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