NPD demonstration: counter-demonstrators in the majority – Munich

The police officer even had to call the rally officials because the NPD was not there at first.

The plan was clearly unsuccessful: the NPD had announced a demonstration from Sunday 11 to 15 o'clock for Sunday at the Marienplatz in Munich and hoped for a slip in the slipstream of the Chemnitz events. Den had the NPD, but only by counter-protesters who constantly prevented that the right slogans reverberated across the square in the middle of Munich. At the beginning of six years, a dozen or so rights with much police protection were transferred to a majority of about 300 people, who wanted no doubt about the majority in Munich.

The NPD rally started at 11 o'clock rather unusual: the NPD was not there at all, so the Marienplatz was already laughing. The police commander even had to call the rally leaders a few minutes late and then pass a car with a strong police escort in the gated demonstration area.

All this accompanied by occasional whistling and very loud "Nazis out!" – Call. Then dominated "grandmothers against the right", party representatives such as members of parliament Katharina Schulze (Greens) and Florian von Brunn (SPD) and many people with "Munich is colorful" signs both visually and acoustically the landscape. What the NPD in the microphone-clamped parties in the microphone spoke, left the restricted zone in view of the overwhelming response almost not.

Riot of decency

With a lot of noise and creativity Chemnitz tries to resist the right-wing extremists. But that is more difficult than expected. Because the enthusiastic people do not want to give way.

By Iris Mayer, Chemnitz

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