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The extreme right-wing identity movement has increased in the last 16 months crime noticed. This is evident from the reaction of the Federal Ministry of the Interior to a parliamentary question from the left-wing MEP Martina Renner. the Handelsblatt had reported on the results for the first time.

So that has Home Office between April 2017 and August 2018, a total of 114 politically motivated crimes registered in relation to the extremist group. A year earlier, between April 2016 and May 2017, the agency had reported 74 identity residence incidents. In the past six years there has been a steady increase in punitive and violent actions.

Most violations have been in Bavaria since April 2017
North Rhine-Westphalia registered with 20 offenses each, followed by
Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin with 14 and 12 reported

The offenses are vandalism – such as applying stickers or spraying walls. The execution of non-registered meetings is also recorded. In individual cases it came on the list of the ministry according to, but also to physical attacks: the Handelsblatt evokes violations, such as abuse, coercion, financial damage, sedition and prohibited territory.

"Racists and nationalists in seemingly new form"

Renner addressed the accusation to the federal government, the identity movement
to play. The members of the group are "not an innocent debate club, but crystal clear racists and nationalists in seemingly new
Robe ".

The Identitarian Movement originates in France and has been active in Germany since 2012. The group mainly targets immigrants and regularly warns against "alienation." The protection of the constitution observes the identity movement. Nationwide, about 500 of its supporters must be organized into 17 regional groups and 100 local groups.

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