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Berlin – Of course it is coincidence, but also a strange coincidence. The 56th Bundesliga season started at the weekend. We remember blessed afternoons in the 1970s, with long football radio conferences, then on television the & # 39; sports show & # 39; in black and white and in the evening Peter Frankenfeld. But before that came a man who brought millions of Germans into the living room – Dieter Thomas Heck. Late Friday evening when the message: "Mister hit parade is dead". One of the last of the series Frankenfeld, Kulenkampff, Carrell.

Without Dieter Thomas Heck there would probably not have been Chris Roberts, Michael Holm, Lena Valaitis. From 1969 to 1984, Dieter Thomas Heck presented the & # 39; hit parade & # 39; on Saturday. An alpha animal from television, always in suits, sideburns and gold bracelet, a TV setting with their own jargon, that even master Ionist Harald Schmidt used in his shows, when he enjoyed the "Zett-Deh-Eff". Often they are parody-suitable, the big ones on TV. You have the opening jingle of the "hit parade" in the ear, to the tail greetings, "Saturday, 7:30 pm and 55 seconds, here is Berlin, here is your German hit parade!" Then he gave the pop singers the stage, with the help of "Hit Parade" millions earned.

Heck herself would have liked to become a singer, and the quick talk was not born in Flensburg in 1937 as the son of a sales manager of a lemonade company. At the age of five Heck was spilled under a basement staircase during a night bombing in Hamburg. Because of this trauma he began to stutter after his rescue, which he started with a vocal training. This led to his ability as a fast spokesperson. 15 seconds, more had Dieter Thomas Heck never to say at the end of the "hit parade" of the visagist's director to the cameramen in the credits that all the contributors were to his show and then also relaxed with a "goodbye" to goodbye to take.

Heck completed an apprenticeship as a technical businessman and worked as a car salesman. His media career began Heck, who was actually Carl-Dieter Heckscher, 1959 in the upcoming "Toi-toi-toi" show, where he was discovered by Peter Frankenfeld as a singer. In the same year Heck started as a speaker at the Südwestfunk and worked as a disc jockey at Radio Luxembourg.

A cigarette behind the stage

Heck became the television star with the "ZDF hit parade", which he presented live until 1984, a total of 183 times. Not to mention his love for a lively life. While the musicians performed their songs, Heck smoked a cigarette behind the stage and drank beer. Later he created a rather embarrassing campaign contest for the CDU. For a long time he lived in a small castle, later in his Spanish hideaway on the Mediterranean Sea. Heck also stood for big shows on Saturday night such as Melodies for Millions, Music in the Air, The Super Hit Parade & # 39; (all ZDF) or & # 39; Die Schlagerparade der Volksmusik & # 39; (ARD) for the camera. He also presented entertainment programs such as "The Pyramid" (1978 to 1994) and "Your Engagement Please" (1987 to 1990).

In addition, Heck worked in 1970 in the TV classic "Das Millionenspiel" by Wolfgang Menges. In 2007 Heck was officially retired by his ZDF with a gala, moderated by Johannes B. Kerner. "Dieter Thomas Heck has been the face of ZDF entertainment for years," said ZDF director Thomas Bellut. "We owe him a lot, and since the late 1960s he has significantly influenced ZDF's image, moderating not only the" & # 39; "hit parade, but many other show programs & # 39; s of the station, charity gala & # 39; s as & # 39; tunes for millions & # 39; would have been unthinkable without his commitment. & # 39;

"Another legend less", the comedian Oliver Kalkofe wrote on Twitter – he was "very, very sad". Pop singer Patrick Lindner emphasized: "You were a television icon for me as a child, and later a friend you always looked up to." Actress Veronica Ferres recalled: "As a child, I watched & # 39; my melodies for millions & # 39; with my parents, mine Brothers the & # 39; hit parade." Later, I was a guest in his show. will never hear him again – he will stay in our hearts! Good journey, Dieter … "

It is possible that many people have heard the news of Heck's death in the weekend. The old presenter of the "ZDF hit parade" died on Thursday at the age of 80, as the media attorney Christian Schertz announced Friday night on behalf of the family in Berlin. Schertz did not specify any further details. "My customers ask to refrain from further questions and to respect the privacy of the family", says the message. Heck was married for the second time to his wife Ragnhild, they have a daughter.
One of his last major public appearances was Heck – awarded the federal cross of merit in 2009 with his wife for his social engagement – in February 2017 in awarding the Golden Camera for his life's work. He seemed very tired, unlike before.

His ZDF was back.

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