Officially injured in Shisha Bar: video shows fighting with young attacker – Germany

Violence against police officers in a Shishabar in Essen has caused indignation. The routine control escalated, a female officer was massively attacked and wounded. A video circulating on the internet shows the resistance encountered by the officials and two random helpers.

According to the police, the video puts food down after the officer has fallen over and several Lebanese men have kicked and beaten her. Her colleague wants to help her, but she is knocked down by a young man. Both officials can stand up. Together with a member of the animal rescue team that happened to be on the spot, they wrestled the man with the ground. According to the police, the young man would be a 17-year-old. However, in the video screams can be heard, after which the man was only 14 years old. In the light of the video recordings, however, this seems questionable. Because the policeman and the rescue team of animals must clearly spend all their strength to keep the teenager on the ground. Unbelievable: bystanders come to the official, who is ready and can only save by using pepper spray from another attack.

Pepper spray insert with consequences

It then comes to a scene that can still have consequences: for a second employee of the animal rescue, who was not involved before, the man was sprayed on the ground with a spray on the ground with a spray. The employee said at the request of FOCUS Online that he had actually used it for aggressive dogs who thought pepper spray. He had to do this to protect the policeman and his colleagues from the aggressive young man. The police said: "The use of the pepper spray is also being investigated, and it is only after its completion that we can say whether it was justified, but at the moment we assume it was self-defense."

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