Oldtimer winds in oncoming traffic – two deaths

Tragic accident in Baden-Wuerttemberg: on a wet road a classic car gets into a slip and collides with two oncoming cars. Two prisoners die. Family members must follow the disaster.

In a collision with two other vehicles in oncoming traffic, two people were killed in an historic convertible. The vintage car was on Saturday in Wiesloch in Baden-Württemberg on a wet track to slip and advised the approaching job.

For unknown reasons, the driver of the AC Cobra sports car lost control and was thrown over a traffic island. In oncoming traffic, he collided with a Renault and a VW. The VW crashed into a ditch. The drivers of the two vehicles were seriously injured to the hospital.

Members of the two fatalities drove according to "Heidelberg 24" directly behind the AC Cobra accident. They were cared for by local pastors.

A police helicopter took photos of the location of the accident to solve the incident. All three cars were significantly damaged, so the police. The highway was closed during the salvage work.

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