Once more nightly car race in Cologne: police stops driver

KÖln (dpa / lnw) – Two men have raced an illegal race with their cars in Cologne and raced through the city with full tanks and screeching tires. As the police announced on Sunday, officials of a so-called special project group could stop one of the speeders on Friday evening. The 26-year-old had to hand in his driving license.

The two drivers had met at a red traffic light in the district of Deutz and had mutually turned on with roaring engines and then raced. At the next traffic light, events have repeated themselves, it said. The cars were clearly too fast. When the police sat on the track of the Raser, one of the drivers had escaped. The search for him was still on Sunday. No one was injured. In the past there were always illegal car races in Cologne.

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