Pegida-Pöbler is LKA man: the policy now responds to the Saxon Eklat

Previously it had become known that the much criticized use of the police against ZDF reporters in Dresden was activated a week ago by an employee of the State Office of Saxony.

The man with hat in Germany had last Thursday participated in a visit by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to the demonstration of the AfD and the anti-Islamic and xenophobic Pegida movement and searched for films for the political magazine ZDF "Frontal 21" resistance . As a result, the police checked the ZDF team and, despite protests, kept on for about 45 minutes. This in turn led to sharp criticism, the troops were accused of another obstacle to press freedom.

"Collective contract employee of the LKA"

"Press freedom is an excellent asset in our society and according to our constitution", emphasized Barley, who is also a member of the ZDF Television Council. On Thursday, the Parliament's Interior Committee wants to interview the Minister of Internal Affairs Roland Wöller (CDU) about the case.

As reported by the ministry, the state's Criminal Police Office had announced Wednesday that the filmed "is a collective laborer of the LKA". He was not on duty at the time of the incident, but was a private person during the meeting and is currently on vacation. "The LKA will decide on possible consequences if the process has been clarified and the person concerned has been heard about the incidents," the statement said.

"Of course every citizen in our country has the right to freedom of speech, but I expect all members of my department at all times, even if they are private in public and express a correct image," said the Minister of the Interior. in a first reaction.

"Ultimately, the police is a cross-section of society"

Dresden police spokesman Thomas Geither told the NDR media magazine Zapp about the incident on Wednesday: "If we have done everything now, I would not necessarily say that you could have been five minutes faster." He accuses the accusation that the Saxony police were actively involved in the suppression of press relations. Geithner, however, acknowledged that some policemen also sympathize with Pegida: "Ultimately, the police is a cross-section of society, with all political currents in our country."

The Green MP Cem Özdemir told the "world": "Who is responsible for the protection of our basic law, has lost in organizations and parties that are fighting against our constitution, nothing, even in their free time." He now expects "finally clear text" from the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. The CDU politician had announced clarification in the case on weekends, but also tweeted: "The only people mentioned in this video are police."

"Doubtful views on press freedom"

According to Enrico Stange, domestic spokesman for the left party in parliament, the case has "become an increasingly serious incident that no longer exposes dubious attitudes to press freedom and the protection of journalism work in connection with demonstrations and public events", Home Affairs should ensure that full education staff and the police train "both constitutionally and in the field of editing, media and art copyright to bring the amount of time."

Dirk Panter, party leader of the SPD in parliament, wrote on Twitter: "Whether it is LKA employees or not: that is not the way to behave and to blame the media as a diversion is absolutely not."

The internet was followed by numerous critical remarks and malice, also against the background of the recent statement by Prime Minister Kretschmer. Marcel Braumann, spokesman for the left parliamentary group in the Saxon Landtag, recorded the clause on Twitter on Wednesday evening: "You do not forgive your bitter remark, not even your opponent," he wrote with reference to Kretschmer's words.

Peter Frey, editor-in-chief of the ZDF, described police action as a "clear limitation of free reporting". Minister of the Interior Wöller and the police commissioner of Dresden, Horst Kretzschmar, rejected allegations of obstruction by journalists and police cooperation with Pegida demonstrators.

At the office of the Prosecutor General in Dresden is now a complaint against the police. The authority was no longer available on Wednesday evening for a request. On Friday there was a discussion between ZDF reporters and the police, to which the Dresden Directorate had invited Dresden.

Video: After an incident on the demo of Pegida: ZDF woman says Dresden's police chief on TV advice

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