Pegida protester is LKA-man: ARD expert with wrap around in Tagesthemen

Brisante Details: The man who was a ZDF team on the edge of a Pegida demo in Dresden angepöbelte, working at the LKA. It greets criticism: on police and politician Kretschmer.

Update of August 24, 9:32: Pegida tendencies? SPD boss gives CDU complicity

The SPD leader of Saxony, Martin Dulig, has given the coalition partner CDU a part of the responsibility in the Dresden case. "For years we have had a trivialization of certain right-wing movements in Saxony", said the Minister of Economic Affairs Friday in the ARD "Morgenmagazin". "That is why we are now faced with the consequences of the failures of the past decades."

The CDU only reigned in Saxony in 1990-2004, then in alternation with the SPD and the FDP and since 2014 again with the SPD. Critics repeatedly accused the Christian Democrats of ignoring and playing down the right-wing extremist tendencies in the free state for too long.

Update from 24. August, 9.32 am: ARD expert with Rundumschlag in Tagesthemen

The criminologist Christian Pfeiffer has to organize the incident in Saxony on Thursday evening for the ARD-Tagestmen. Presenter Karen Miosga had to wonder what the "proportionality" of the police work was on the Pegida demonstration, when Pfeiffer was already furious.

"It would have been the opposite, a mobbing demonstrator comes to them and claims nonsense, it was punishable to film him, but he wants to stand up for something like a demonstrator, because he can not complain that he is being filmed. Here the police should have instructed him and had to say: "No. They are not punishable, they exercise their right to press freedom, you will have to bear it, you are not in their front yard."

But the police prevented the journalists from doing their job instead. "That is not possible," says Pfeiffer. He is also pleased with the chancellor's "clever comment, which differs drastically from the nonsense of what Prime Minister Kretschmer said – without knowing any facts."

CDU man Kretschmer had supported the police.

Update of August 24, 8.23 ​​am: Almost a third of the police for the right receptive?

Former leader of the Saxon Greens Party Jürgen Kasek sees almost a third of the police in the Free State as being susceptible to right-wing national parties or Pegida. "Not all police in Saxony sympathize with the right wing, but about 30 percent of the police," he told the "Rheinische Post" (Friday). The detention of the ZDF team by Saxon police officers does not stand alone. "Journalists in Dresden report time and time again that they were prevented by the police at work."

Update of August 24, 7:39: Pegida incident: now Seehofer in the criticism

After the controversial action of the police against a ZDF team in Dresden, employees of the show "Frontal 21" want to meet Friday with the police leadership in Dresden. The invitation was issued by the police directorate Dresden. It was initially unclear whether both parties would comment on the content and results.

FDP interior politician Konstantin Kuhle appealed to federal minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) to intervene. "It is unheard of not having responded to the events in Saxony yet, which also speaks of helplessness and helplessness over what is irresponsible," Kuhle told HuffPost, referring to the "alienation of some of our constitutional state security agencies and constitutional order. "

Update of 23 August, 21.45 hours: Pegida / LKA man probably had access to sensitive data

Who is this LKA man who asked the cameraman of ZDF not to film him and now talks all over Germany? Apparently, as a book inspector for the LKA investigation into difficult and serious crimes, he had insight into sensitive files. That reports MDR,

For example, he had access to the Central Register of Foreigners and to the police registration system IVO, in which all criminal offenses and investigations are recorded.

the MDR according to the Saxon Ministry of the Interior, this did not confirm at the moment, but did not comment or deny them.

Update of August 23, 7.30 pm: Özdemir takes Kretschmer into service after demo Pegida

Ex-Greens boss Cem Özdemir has via twitter made another clear statement about the incident and made clear the importance of press freedom. He also blames Prime Minister Kretschmer.

Update from 23 August 19.05 hours: Interview between ZDF employees and police scheduled in Dresden

After the controversial action of the police against a ZDF team in Dresden, employees of the show & # 39; Frontal 21 & # 39; meet on Friday for a meeting with the police in Dresden.

The invitation was issued by the police directorate Dresden. It was initially unclear whether both parties commented on the content and results.

Update from 23. August, 17.20: Merkel expresses itself for the first time

The ZDF television recordings complained of by a Pegida demonstrator in Dresden have been allowed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Anyone attending a demonstration can "expect it to be recorded and controlled by the media," the Chancellor said on Thursday during a visit to the Georgian capital Tbilisi. She expressly recognizes the freedom of the press. She had not seen anything of the demonstration during her parallel visit to Dresden.

"I want to express my explicit commitment to press freedom," Merkel said. Each participant in the demonstration must take into account the freedom of the press.

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel has responded to the incident in Dresden.

© Screenshot @ ZDF / Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP / dpa

A participant in the demonstration of the Islamophobic Pegida movement had fiercely opposed the film crew and accused the ZDF reporters of a violation because it was "in the face" filmed. On Wednesday, the authorities announced that it was an employee of the Saxon criminal justice bureau. The man released a 45 minute police check on journalists.

Update of 23 August 14:45 hours: next chapter about anti-Merkel demo with supporters of Pegida

Next chapter in the crazy Zoff about ZDF recordings during an anti-Merkel demo with supporters of Pegida: how


reportedly, the companion of officials have now withdrawn his appeal against the TV team of ZDF. He had accused the camera appeal of the ZDF.

As the article of "Frontal21" showed, the insult was ("Your fat man is not our people.") Came from another man. The police then took his advertisement, which delayed the shooting by 45 minutes.

Here you can view the article again in detail:

Incidentally: according to a media lawyer, the television recordings of a Pegida demonstrator in Dresden were allowed. The ZDF recordings were made in the run-up to a demonstration in which participants had already made political statements. "I think there is a photo-recording that is immediately admissible," said media lawyer Thorsten Feldmann of the Berlin law firm JBB lawyers on Thursday the German news agency.

Update of 23 August 13:45: Stegner with criticism of police, Pegida and Kretschmer

SPD Vice Ralf Stegner is sharp criticism in the case of the Saxon LKA employee, who had put journalists under pressure during a Pegida demonstration in Dresden.

"For me it is very clear who, if an employee of the LKA affects freedom of the press, has lost nothing in this job Pegida is not the right hobby for employees of the state, he has to protect our democratic community, for me there is at least owed a disciplinary procedure "said the social democrat, FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki also calls for disciplinary measures. "For me, someone who is part of the government service, not only accepts the liberal-democratic basic order, but must defend it," Kubicki said on Thursday the portal Focus onlineHe expects "that disciplinary action against this

Stegner also lacks the understanding of the & # 39; deviant comments & # 39; from CDU Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. He was behind the incident after the police. Stegner: "This is not the first time the CDU has tolerated such things in Saxony – they even seem to have sympathy for it – the Union must question itself." After all, they did not want the Donald Trump standards in the US, which made it their own to view the free press as an enemy.

Ralf Stegner.

© dpa / Frank Molter

According to Stegner, the behavior of the police in the ZDF report of "Frontal21" is "completely inappropriate and inappropriate, it is not that they want to protect the Pegidiots against the press in this way." More information can be found here *.

Update from 23. August, 13.45 Clock: Pegida-close LKA-man from Saxony has to interrupt holiday

The Ministry of the Interior has the first consequences. The Saxon LKA staff member who verbally attacked a ZDF team during a Pegida demonstration in Dresden must interrupt his holiday for a questionnaire. "We ask him to interrupt the holiday so that we can talk to him as soon as possible," said Minister of the Interior Roland Wöller (CDU) on Thursday after a meeting of the Committee on Home Affairs in the Dresden Parliament on the matter. It was about "clarifying the facts". Only then could "be decided on further measures".

Wöller said that after the incident it was "determined in all directions". The Saxon police are "neither an accomplice nor a deputy" of parties or groups, but must ensure a neutral order of law and order. This applies both to press freedom and to the right of assembly.

Update of 23 August, 13.45 hours: Anti-Merkel-Demo: LKA staff work as appraiser

The Saxon LKA staff member, who verbally attacked a ZDF team during a Pegida demonstration in Dresden, works according to a media report as a reviewer for the Saxon Criminal Law Department (LKA). As the newspaper "Die Welt" reported on Thursday, he writes reports for the research department for white collar crime. He also acts for the LKA in lawsuits.

The man is a so-called Tarifangestter of the national police authority this and other reports. It is therefore not a policeman and should therefore not exercise sovereign powers. According to a report from the Funke Mediengruppe, he could for example also be used as a research assistant.

A speaker from the Saxon Interior Ministry did not want to respond to the function of the employee on request. He referred in this context to the duty of care for employees.

Update of 23 August, 13.00 hours: DPolG rejects allegations after incident with Pegida

The German police union (DPolG) has rejected the suspicion of right-wing radical tendencies in the Saxon police. "My message is clear: Saxon policemen are not right-wing radicals," State Secretary Cathleen Martin told the German news agency on Thursday. There are exceptions everywhere. What people do in their free time can not be influenced. The Saxon police forms a cross-section of society as in other countries.

Update of August 23, 12:06: Labor problems at Pegida-Mann possible

In the case of the Saxon LKA employee, who allegedly put journalists under pressure for a Pegida demonstration, the deputy federal chairman of the police union, Jörg Radek, believes that labor law problems are possible. "In the specific case of the Saxon worker, there might be potential labor law problems in the room that might be necessary to work on," Radek said to the Dusseldorf "Rheinische Post" according to Thursday's notice. "According to the moderation rule, he can not simply shout slogans or hold questionable banners."

However, Radek pointed out that even a rate officer from the State Office for Criminal Investigation (LKA) has the right to express his opinion freely. "I have no knowledge of a so-called Saxon swamp and no understanding of the term" Pegizei & # 39 ;, "he said. The police is a cross-section of society. "As long as the AfD and Pegida are not classified as clearly anti-constitutional, they may also be in favor of a police officer of this party and group – but against the background of the offer of moderation."

Update of 23 August, 11.40 am: DJV calls for an incident in the demo-consequences of Dresdner Pegida

After the obstruction of a ZDF camera team during a Pegida demonstration, the German Journalists Union (DJV) demanded consequences from the Saxon government. "The events have to be picked up," said DJV Bundeschef Frank Überall Thursday in Berlin. The team was harassed in Dresden by a demonstrator who is a member of the Land Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) and was subsequently arrested by police officers.

Everywhere they explained that the operations were "elsewhere slapstick", but were "apparently normal in Saxony." An employee of a state security authority had wanted the freedom of the press on a "Mafia outing" and "in the best holiday mood". It is an incredible thing.

Update of August 23, 10.29 am: Özdemir announcement Pegida demonstrator

The green Bundestag member Cem Özdemir found in the & # 39; world & # 39; for the Dresden incident clear wording: "Whoever is responsible for the protection of our constitution has lost in organizations and parties that are fighting against our constitution, nothing, even in their free time. "He now expects" finally plain text "from the Saxon Premier Michael Kretschmer The CDU politician had announced clarification in the case on the weekend, but also tweeted:" The only people mentioned in this video are police. "

According to Enrico Stange, domestic spokesman for the left party in parliament, the case has "become an increasingly serious incident that no longer exposes dubious attitudes to press freedom and the protection of journalism work in connection with demonstrations and public events", Home Affairs should ensure that full education staff and the police train "both constitutionally and in the field of editing, media and art copyright to bring the amount of time."

Cem Ozdemir.

© dpa / Michael Kappeler

Dirk Panter, party leader of the SPD in parliament, wrote on Twitter: "Whether it's LKA employees or not: that's not how you behave, and media abuse like a diversion is absolutely not."

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Update of August 23, 6:27: Anti-Merkel demo: Barley sounds alarm for Pegida docu

Berlin / Trier – "The events in Saxony are really worrying and need to be urgently and extensively informed by the Saxon authorities," said the SPD politician at the German news agency.

Barley referred to the fact that the controversial action of the police against a ZDF team in Dresden had been provoked by a member of the State Office for Criminal Investigation (LKA) Saxony. The man with hat in Germany had a week ago participated in a demonstration of the AfD and the anti-Islamic and xenophobic Pegida movement and fought against propaganda for ZDF. As a result, the police checked the ZDF team and, despite protests, kept on for about 45 minutes. "Press freedom is an excellent asset in our society and according to our constitution"said Barley, who is also a member of the ZDF Television Council.

As the CDU-led Ministry of the Interior has previously reported, it is in the demonstrator who fought against filming, according to the state's research agency "for a LKA tariff officer." He was not on duty at the time of the incident, but was a private person during the meeting and is currently on vacation.

"Naturally, that applies to every citizen in our country Freedom of speechHowever, I expect all officials of my department to be correct at all times, even though they are private in public and explicitly, "said the Minister of Internal Affairs of the federal states, Roland Wöller (CDU).

Peter Frey, editor-in-chief of the ZDF, described police action as a "clear limitation of free reporting".

The original message from Wednesday, August 22 to the Pegida incident in Dresden

Dresden – The man had participated last Thursday in the visit of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in Dresden during a demonstration of the AfD and the anti-Islamic and xenophobic Pegida movement and verbally violent against filming for the ZDF-political magazine " Frontal 21 "withstand. As a result, the police checked the ZDF team and kept it for about 45 minutes. This caused sharp criticism.

The angry Pegida protester is a LKA employee.

© Screenshot: ZDF

As reported by the Ministry of the Interior of Saxony, the LKA announced Wednesday that it is a collective employee of their own home. He was not at the event in the service, but had participated as a private person during the meeting and is currently on vacation. "The LKA will decide on the possible consequences if the process has been clarified and the person concerned has been heard about the incidents," it said.

ZDF editor-in-chief evaluates police use as "restriction of free reporting"

"Of course, every citizen in our country has the right to freedom of speech, but I expect all the officials in my department at any time, even if they are private in public and have a correct appearance", said the Minister of the Interior of the federal state Roland Wöller (CDU) in a first reaction.

Peter Frey, editor-in-chief of the ZDF, described police action as a "clear limitation of free reporting". Wöller and Dresden police chief Horst Kretzschmar rejected allegations of obstruction from reporters and police cooperation with Pegida demonstrators. At the office of the Prosecutor General in Dresden is now a complaint against the police. On Friday there is a conversation between ZDF reporters and the police.

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