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A 44-year-old would have stabbed a 36-year-old in Düsseldorf. Where he is is unclear. Victims and perpetrators would have known each other.

Police are looking for a knife attack on suspects

After a 36-year-old woman was attacked with a knife in Dusseldorf on Monday and was murdered, the police continue to search for the suspect nationwide. It should be the native Iranian Ali Akbar Shahghaleh. The 44-year-old is still on the run, a spokesman for the police said early on Wednesday morning. The Tatwerkzeug has not yet found the police.

Where the man is, is still completely unclear, said Guido Adler of the murder on Tuesday afternoon at a press conference of the police in Düsseldorf. That is why the research authorities have now decided to conduct publicity research.

Witnesses who see the man can call the police in case of emergency call 110. Under no circumstances may the 44-year-old be challenged or prevented from escaping. It can not be ruled out that the fugitive remains armed.

The woman suffered from various lacerations

The prosecution is in the case of a murder. The attack was treacherous and was behind, the victim was therefore defenseless and defenseless, said prosecutor Martin Stücker. An arrest warrant was obtained against the suspect.

The woman suffered multiple punctures and wounds, Adler said: "Three of the knife wounds were so severe that they were all deadly." The police were unable to make concrete information about the murder weapon yet.

Victims and perpetrators apparently knew each other

The motive for the deed is still unclear. However, the police are convinced that there was a "pre-connection" between victim and perpetrator, so that the wife and the husband knew each other. But that should have been nicer, Adler said.

Apparently, the defendant regularly worked in a kiosk run by his brothers near the woman's apartment, which was single. Among others, the suspect of 36-year-olds who once was a fan for their cats, was worried. The evaluation of the victim's mobile phone is still under way.

Ali Akbar Shahghaleh is about 1.80 meters long, has dark, very short hair, a three-day beard and a narrow figure. At the time of the crime, he was dressed in a light blue tracksuit and a cap. He must look older than he is.

The search was unobtrusive until now

The wanted person came to Germany in 2001, since 2010 he has the status of recognized refugee. He continues to have only Iranian citizenship according to the police. He has not noticed the police until now. There are indications for a mental restriction & # 39; of the man of 50 percent, said MK leader Adler.

The suspect is rooted in Düsseldorf, eight brothers live in the neighborhood. He is clearly not there. The brothers have all been checked since the act. The family has been very co-operative, which means that she was startled.

Investigation by the murder committee "Bach" continues

A passerby has become an eyewitness to the crime, the police said. The man had come to meet the woman in the street, chased by the suspect. Then he heard yelling and turned around. He had seen how the 44-year-old pierced the woman, the witness told the researchers.

The research of MK "Bach" continues. The 36-year-old was attacked on Monday at 7.38 am on the Bachstraße in the Friedrichstadt district, not far from the Dusseldorf Arkaden shopping center. The woman could no longer be helped in the hospital. With the help of special troops, the police invaded the house in the Brunnenstrasse on Monday, but did not find him there.

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