Police Chief Kretzschmar about police operation at Pegida-Demo: did not do everything wrong


"Frontal 21" and Pegida demo Not everything went badly – says the head of the police

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Protests during Merkel's visit to Dresden Protests during Merkel's visit to Dresden

During the demonstration against Merkel, a man had complained about the television team. For 45 minutes the police prevented the journalists from working

Source: dpa / Sebastian Kahnert

In a two-hour conversation with ZDF Dresden, police chief Kretzschmar apologized to the television station. Now he openly admits mistakes. Nevertheless, not everything went wrong that day.

THateful criticism, the Dresden police do not dispute the obligation to visit Chancellor Angela Merkel in principle. The operation had reached the headlines because in a Pegida demonstration against Merkel's visit a ZDF riot police team was double-checked and therefore could not work for three-quarters of an hour.

The regret about far too long checks of a ZDF team did not mean of course that the police had done everything wrong that day, said police chief Horst Kretzschmar. "But unfortunately not everything went perfectly, it's not just about working out everything, but learning from mistakes in every detail."

The multiple control of the journalists "Frontal 21" was seen as an interference in the press and caused national criticism. Another cause for concern was that the trigger of the controls – a Pegida demonstrator wearing a hat in the colors of Germany – works in the federal state's criminal court. He had loudly opposed the television recordings of ZDF, who called the police on the plan. Kretzschmar had regretted the way of control and admitted mistakes. According to the ZDF was also an apology.

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According to Kretzschmar, the processing of the mission is not yet complete. A final assessment is therefore not yet possible: "But we will work very hard on the Enlightenment and submit a report next week." On the issue of press freedom between police and journalists "no sheet of paper".

"The policemen behaved correctly"

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During a demonstration in Dresden, journalists were detained by the police. That caused a stir. Rainer Wendt, the head of the German police union, protects the officials.

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