Police: Dresden's Chief Commissioner apologizes to ZDF after an incident in Dresden

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law enforcement The Dresden city commissioner apologizes to ZDF after an incident in Dresden

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Pegida demo in Dresden Pegida demo in Dresden

Pegida demo in Dresden

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The police wants to compete with reporters during the Pegida demonstration

GA week after the controversial police operation against a ZDF reporter team, the Dresden police apologized for their actions. Police chief Horst Kretzschmar said after an interview with ZDF representatives on Friday that he & # 39; incomprehensible & # 39; was, why the journalists were being held for so long & # 39; and & # 39; their work could not perform for 45 minutes. He regrets this "extraordinary" and has ensured that the police will "process" the process.

The ZDF welcomed, "that the Chief Commissioner apologized in the open discussion about the way of the police measure". The police have promised to thoroughly rework the incident and correct their previous presentation accordingly.

The incident took place during a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) last Thursday in Dresden. Supporters of the AfD and the xenophobic Pegida movement had demonstrated in the Saxon capital against Merkel.

An employee of the Saxon State Police Agency (LKA), who traveled privately to the Dresden rally, attacked a ZDF camera team verbally and complained to the police about the reporters. Then the camera crew was held for about three quarters of an hour by the police.

According to ZDF, the conversation with Kretzschmar pointed out that the earlier presentation of the police did not coincide with the findings from the film material of the reporters. For the ZDF, the head of the magazine "Frontal 21", Ilka Brecht, deputy lawyer Christoph Bach and reporter Arndt Ginzel had accepted the invitation from the police chief.

Kretzschmar stressed in his statement after the conversation: "that we as the police have the responsibility to ensure freedom of the press in our country." The police must ensure that "that freedom of expression and demonstration is guaranteed and that free media attention for demonstrations and meetings of all kinds is guaranteed."

In order to be separated from this, however, the question was whether the police operation on the sidelines of the Pegida demonstration is considered successful & # 39 ;, said Kretzschmar. Especially during demonstrations policemen should control "particularly difficult situations". After the conversation with the ZDF, but he announced to speak again with the officials involved in the operation, "to complete the photo". "Our goal is to learn from the process for the future," said Police Chief.

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