Police report of Berlin from 21.08.2018


Café "Evelin" in Köpenick goes up in flames

A fire has caused serious damage in Café "Evelin" in Berlin-Köpenick. The roof of the restaurant on the Salvador Allende street on the Berlin Müggelspree had gone up in flames in the night of Tuesday, the Berlin fire brigade said. The alarm at the fire brigade arrived at 4:16. 200 square meters of roof surface was in flames. There were about 40 firefighters in service.

At 11.00 hours the employment was provisionally stopped. In the afternoon the fire brigade wanted to pass the check again. The amount of damage and the cause of the fire was initially unclear. The police are investigating.

No one was injured by the fire. About a dozen neighbors, however, had to leave their homes during security operations. They were able to return after almost three hours.

As reported by the traffic information center (VIZ) and the Berlin police, Salvador Allende Street was closed in the morning between Friedrichshagener Straße and Wendenschloßstraße in both directions. (Dpa / BLZ)


80 kilometers per hour too fast – Police stops on the A100

The police pulled a speedster from Highway 100 that drove too fast at 80 kilometers per hour. The 27-year-old driver was on his car with Tempo 140 on Monday on the A100 between Innsbrucker Platz and Kaiserdamm on the road, as the police announced Tuesday. Permitted on the spot were 60 kilometers per hour. The 27-year-old now threatens two points in Flensburg, three months driving ban and a fine of more than 1300 euros.


Cracker car caught and arrested

The police caught two 23- and 33-year-old men in car theft in Charlottenburg. As the police announced Tuesday morning, the thieves had broken and taken a parked car on the late Monday evening at the Saatwinkler Dam. One of the thieves took the stolen vehicle to escape, the other drove away with a car. The 23-year-old was arrested and arrested by officers of the Britzer Damm, the 33-year-old car thief in the Stubenrauchstraße. Both cars are secured, the car thieves are transferred to the Criminal Investigation. (AP)


Motorists hit oncoming traffic and cause a fatal accident

In a road accident near Senftenberg (Oberspreewald-Lausitz district), a car driver was fatally injured late on Monday evening. As the police had announced, a 44-year-old man had come from his rather inexplicable cause with his car in oncoming traffic. His car collided with another car. The 54-year-old driver of the oncoming vehicle died at the scene of the accident. The 44-year-old was allegedly injured. Further details were initially unknown. (AP)

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