Police warns of alleged deflagration – worker dies at landfill – Frankfurt

Hessheim – A fatal accident occurred at a landfill at Mannheim. At 6:45 am two unconscious people were found on the grounds.

"The company has let us know that there are deaths and serious injuries," said a spokeswoman for the Directorate Structure and approval South Tuesday. She could not confirm the reports of an alleged explosion. The responsible police in Frankenthal spoke of an "event" at the landfill in the city of Hessheim. "There is a mission there, the investigation is underway," said a spokesperson.

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Photo: Crash 24H News

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Hospitals and hearses came to the landfillPhoto: Crash 24H News

In the morning residents were called to close because of the odor development at times doors and windows.

Apparently a liquid has leaked to the hazardous waste collection point. According to the fire department, the liquid was now fixed in a collection tank. What kind of dust it is, is still unclear ..

Gernot Eberhard (director of Süd-Müll-GmbH) can not explain for himself what happened to the fatal and seriously injured worker on the site. But he excludes an explosion. But it could have given a much quieter deflagration.

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