Politician of the Union criticized Scholz for a pension advance

There is hardly any use of the pension commission, but there is already a lot of disagreement in the coalition. The rector gets involved in the union – and threatens with an election campaign for the elections.

The Union's political group has firmly rejected the initiative of SPD chancellor Olaf Scholz to establish a guarantee for the pension level far beyond the previously agreed 2025-year. The deputy trade union leader Hermann Gröhe referred to the committee set up by the federal government, which drafts recommendations for the pension system from 2030.

Gröhe: "Protected by the continuous survey deep in the SPD"

"With his pithily proposed prediction makes Scholz the straight The work of the Commission does a bad job, yes, it jeopardizes the foundations of their work, "Gröhe said. "This may be due to the persistently low SPD, but it is irresponsible!" Gröhe himself belongs to the committee.

For the pension committee it is a question of a decent pension income and at the same time the younger generation and the economic power of Germany do not overburden, explained Gröhe. He referred explicitly to the SPD party colleague of Scholz, Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil, and his professional competence: "The responsible minister Heil explicitly warned the representatives of the social partners, science and politics involved in the work of the Commission. against thinking. "

Scholz threatens with pension election campaign

Scholz had demanded a guarantee of pension levels in the "Bild am Sonntag" until 2040: "We will insist that the federal government ensures a stable pension level in the twenties and thirties and presenting a plausible funding model is a high priority for us. "At the same time, he threatened CDU and CSU with a pension campaign:" If that does not work, it is only a matter of political debate, and then the citizens decide this question with their crotch on the ballot. "

In the coalition agreement it has been agreed that Pension level will stabilize by 48 percent by 2025. The pension level is the ratio between a pension after 45 years of average salary and the current average income – it shows whether the pensions lag behind the wages.

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