Protest: broad alliance against the AfD: 1,500 demonstrators in Wiesbaden


Around 1500 people demonstrated peacefully in Wiesbaden on Sunday against a possible accession of the AfD in the Hessian state parliament. The protest was convened by a broad coalition of trade unions, the Catholic Workers Movement, the Central Council of Muslims, the Nature Conservation Union, other organizations as well as the SPD, the Greens and the left parties. The occasion was the official AfD campaign in the afternoon in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, with among others the deputy Bundestag leader Beatrix von Storch and the Afis leader Uwe from Rhineland-Palatinate.

At the opening rally of the demonstration for the main station in Wiesbaden, various speakers from AfD racism and a misanthropic world view emerged. The two state presidents of the AfD in Hesse, Robert Lambrou and Klaus Herrmann, joined the demonstrators at the start of the event – based on their own statements – to seek a meeting with them. They were however booed by participants in the rally and then withdrew.

CDU and FDP are missing

In contrast to the co-governments in Hesse Greens and the opposition parties SPD and Left CDU and FDP refused to participate in the event. Deputy Prime Minister and candidate green party Tarek Al-Wazir said in his speech on the forecourt of the station that it took a long time before Germany became a tolerant and cosmopolitan country with a culture of commemoration and responsibility for its history after the end of Nazi rule . Therefore, it should not be left until now rights that preach nationalism and the family image of the fifties. All democrats should stand together. It should not be left to the right to determine what is at home and who belongs to it.

The Hessian SPD chairman Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel recalled Article 1 of the Constitution: "The dignity of man is inviolable." Because there is not the "dignity of the German", but that of all people is meant. If a trade unionist was beaten unconscious at an AFD rally in Hanau, red lines were crossed. In general, Schäfer-Gümbel opposed a brutalization of language and political culture.

For the rescue of refugees

Left party leader Janine Wissler accused the AfD of a racist and nationalistic ideology. It was bad that today, in all seriousness, is being discussed, whether it is to drown or not rescue refugees from the Mediterranean. Incidentally, right-wing incitement is not covered by the right to freedom of expression. People must stand together to defend tolerance in society.

Thomas Diekmann of the Catholic workers' movement in the Limburg Diocese said that the Christian concept of humanity stands for human rights regardless of origin, color or religion. So if you vote for the elections on October 28, everyone must ensure that racism and exclusion never occur again.

Said Barkan of the Central Council of Muslims in Hesse said that incitement to people of the Islamic faith is only representative of hatred of minorities. Meron Mendel of the Anne Frank education center in Frankfurt accused the AfD of combating freedom of expression and opposing values ​​such as tolerance, solidarity and humanity. The Hessian DGB boss Michael Rudolph turned against split and social exclusion, while they exploit the AfD.

Between the opening rally at the main station and the closure at the Kochbrunnenplatz in front of the Chancellery, the Protestants marched in protest march through the center of Wiesbaden.

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