Regensburg: Air bomb in Regensburg made harmless – Bayernticker

Because of the harmlessness of an air bomb in Regensburg, 50 to 100 people were evacuated. You can now go back to their homes.

A bomb from the Second World War in Regensburg was successfully defused. This has been reported by the Oberpfalz police. Due to the defeat, the police had also blocked the highway 3. On Tuesday evening, the officials also evacuated various residential buildings and industrial buildings. About 50 to 100 people were affected according to a speaker's estimates.

The 250-kg bomb was defused by experts around 8 pm. Around the same time the A3 was closed between the Regensburg Ost and Neutraubling junctions. The harmlessness took about an hour. (Dpa / mdl)

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