Reporter bothered at work: Dresdner police commissioner apologizes to ZDF


Reporter bothered at work The chief commander of Dresdner apologizes to ZDF

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"Responsible authorities in Saxony must inform quickly and accurately"

A man had asked a ZDF team in a demonstration against Angela Merkel in Dresden to stop filming. Then the police arrested the journalists. Now it became known that the man is an employee of the LKA Saxony.

As part of a Pegida demonstration, a ZDF reporter team was bothered by the police in their work. In a conversation between ZDF and the Dresden police, these were the first mistakes.

DHe Dresdner police chief Horst Kretzschmar has apologized, according to the ZDF for the controversial action of the police against a team of the station.

The police admitted that the "Frontal 21" team had been held for far too long, said the ZDF Friday after talking to Kretzschmar in Dresden. The process must take place after the representation of the police has been thoroughly revised and the previous presentation must be corrected accordingly.

ZDF & # 39; s "Frontal 21" presenter Ilka Brecht, reporter Arndt Ginzel and a lawyer participated in the almost two-hour meeting. A joint oral statement after the interview refused a police spokesman, but referred to a later written press release.

Filed by the police for 45 minutes

Background to the meeting were the events in a "Pegida" demonstration, in which the ZDF team was bothered in his work for the magazine "Frontal 21". On the edge of a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) last Thursday in Dresden, a "Pegida" demonstrator had massively complained to a cameraman who in his opinion had illegally filmed his face.

The result was a police operation in which the team, one of them, the reporter Ginzel, was detained for about 45 minutes.

LKA employee must interrupt his holiday

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In Saxony, it is an affair about a mobbing employee of the LKA during a Pegida demonstration. Minister of the Interior Wöller has responded to the state of the investigation. The accused employee must interrupt his holiday.

Professional associations also criticized the police action. "The freedom of the press is now suspended" or "This is where your press freedom ends" journalists are bothered in their work, said the trade union Verdi. The German Union of Journalists spoke, among other things, about a "disproportionate obstacle to journalistic work" and demanded clarification from Landminister Thomas Strobl (CDU).

The ministry on Friday referred to explanatory statements from the police. "The fact that nobody was allowed to pass therefore served the protection of people," said a spokesperson for the ministry. "And that has, of course, nothing, but nothing at all to do with the fact that freedom of the press is suspended, of course, if those words were so, that is completely wrong."

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