Representative survey: Germans want to monitor AfD


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Saturday 01. September 2018

A growing majority of the German population sees the AfD and its policy apparently as a threat to the German constitution. This results in a new survey. But there is disagreement in East and West.

A majority of Germans are in favor of having the AfD monitored by the protection of the constitution. More than 57 percent of the respondents said that the party was "absolute" (42.7 percent) or "rather yes" (14.5 percent) in a representative online poll conducted by opinion research agency Civey on behalf of Funke Mediengruppe's online portals. Federal constitutional protection. On the other hand, slightly less than 36 percent of respondents said that surveillance by the constitutional guardians & # 39; absolutely not & # 39; (23.7 percent) or & # 39; rather no & # 39; was necessary. About 7 percent were undecided. The speed of East Germans, who are in charge of surveillance, is around 48 percent considerably lower than that of West Germans (66 percent).

In recent days there have also been calls from the government to oversee the AFD. So the CDU interior expert Armin Schuster had asked the Constitutional Protection Authorities of the countries to look closely at the AfD. The AfD would be "more and more a matter for the protection of the Constitution", especially because party leader Alexander Gauland must now "at least once a month from a derailment of one of his party members". The AfD politician Markus Frohnmaier, who had written on Twitter regarding the extreme right-wing attacks in Chemnitz, recently received criticism: "If the state can no longer protect its citizens, people will take to the streets and protect themselves!"

The former Greens chairman Cem Özdemir also spoke for an observation of the AfD through the protection of the constitution. "I think the AFD requires it", he told the media group "Straubinger Tagblatt / Landshuter Zeitung". "Then you would finally have reliable information about which networks the party maintains and how it finances itself." The green party politician Konstantin von Notz said the "Augsburger Allgemeine": "The speeches, the political demands, the allies of the party – everything slips further away in the völkisch-extreme-right environment." The SPD house politician Burkhard Lischka argues for a part of the right-wing populist party to follow. "Anyone who has seen parts of links over the years can not look into the right eye," he told the newspaper.

The federal minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, reacted cautiously to this: "Of course one always has to look closely, and that also applies to the protection of the constitution, whether it concerns statements of party members or cooperation with specific groups with individual opinions or party-political boundaries ", said the CSU politician. "At the moment the conditions for an observation of the party as a whole are not available to me." At the same time, Seehofer recommended that "all political forces that consider themselves responsible for our democracy and our rule of law clearly distance themselves from sedition and violence and refrain from any attempt at legitimacy".



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