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After the participation of the AFD In xenophobic demonstrations in Chemnitz, the call for stronger observation of the party through the protection of the constitution is louder. Now the FDP president Christian Lindner has expressed himself – at least selectively. Parts of the AfD and some of their mandate holders
openly against the liberal order, Lindner said
daily newspaper Rheinische Post"Then you have to do it
Look. "

At the same time, however, the leader of the FDP has restrained that "it should not give the impression
Democratic parties wanted to help themselves through the
Remove the annoyance of competition " Rheinische Post Quotes also the chairman of the left parliamentary group, Sahra Wagenknecht – but she is against an observation. "With the AfD
you must be political
Wagenknecht said, while left-wing chef Katja Kipping spoke in an interview with the ARD broadcaster Report from Berlin for an observation of the AfD by the protection of the Constitution out. But she also said that an observation would not solve the problem alone. "Of course we know that the AfD are enemies of the constitution, that is nothing new."

According to a representative poll of last Friday, that is one
Majority of Germans for viewing the AfD of the protection of the constitution
to let. SPD and Greens also came from the ranks of CDU
appropriate requirements and the call for a sharper political
Delineation. Federal Minister of the Interior and CSU Chief Horst Seehofer currently sees no
Basis for a national observation of AfD by the
Protection of the Constitution.

"Help for right-wing radicalization"

"At the moment the conditions for an observation of the party as a whole are not for me", Seehofer said the newspapers of the spark-media group. "Of course, you always have to look very closely, and that is what the constitutional protection agency does, or statements of party members or cooperation with specific groups of individual opinions or biased political lines." Seehofer recommended that "all political forces responsible for our democracy and our rule of law clearly distance themselves from sedition and violence and refrain from any attempt at legitimacy".

Union Group Chairman Volker Kauder (CDU) demanded a sharper political debate with the right-wing populists. "Right-wing extremism is more or less openly supported by a party of the Bundestag, which is a new disturbing quality," he said. World on Sunday, The policy must deal more clearly with the AfD, "the aid to legal radicalism is made." One must already ask the "AfD voters": are not you ashamed to give such a party the voice? "Kauder also demanded that it be determined who supported the AFD with millions during the election campaign.

The CDU security expert Patrick Sensburg told NDR Info that he felt for a long time that the AfD should be checked by the Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution. "Certainly not all members of the AfD are right-wing extremists, but there are parts in the structure of the party that should be considered anti-constitutional," said Mr. Sensburg. Handelsblatt, The CDU interior expert Armin Schuster recently asked the constitutional protection authorities of the countries to look closely at the AfD. The AfD would "more and more call for the protection of the constitution", especially as party leader Alexander Gauland Meanwhile "at least once a month at a distance from a derailment of one of his party members", says Schuster.

The domestic SPD politician Burkhard Lischka argued for parts of the right wing populist party to follow. "Anyone who has seen parts of links over the years can not look into the right eye," he said Augsburger AllgemeineGreen leader Annalena Baerbock said the dpa on the sidelines of the "heart instead of hate" demonstration in Chemnitz, given the behavior of the AfD was an observation and review of the party by the intelligence agency "urgent".

More than 57 percent for surveillance

In a representative online survey under opinion research institute Civey, more than 57 percent of respondents said that the AfD should be "absolute" (42.7 percent) or "rather yes" (14.5 percent), examined by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. On the other hand, slightly less than 36 percent said that surveillance was "not at all" (23.7 percent) or rather unnecessary. About 7 percent were undecided. The speed of East Germans, who are in charge of surveillance, is around 48 percent considerably lower than that of West Germans (66 percent). The study was commissioned by the online portals of the Funke Mediengruppe.

Recently, criticism was voiced against the AfD politician Markus Frohnmaier, who, in view of the extreme right and xenophobic violations in Chemnitz written on Twitter"If the state can no longer protect citizens, people go out on the streets to protect themselves."

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